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So today I was woken up by a phone call from Justin
at around 10am, telling me that he was going to arrive at my station with a new born kitten. Because it's still the holidays, I usually wake up a
t around 2pm.. (yes I know it's horrible but I can't help it since I have to catch up on sleep I missed ◎д◎;), therefore I was still feeling groggy when he called. And as lazy as I am, I went straight back to sleep ~~~[(--)]ZZzzz...

Around 45mins later, he called again saying he was 7mins away from my st
ation. When I realised he said he was "7mins from train station", I quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed the nearest pieces of clothing I can find - a T-Shirt, Jeans and cardigan. Without even looking in the mirror, I took a hairtie and ran out of the house, tying my hair on the way so I would at the
very least look

20mins later, I arrived at the station and saw Justin with YangYang waiting for me. Luckily they just arrived so that was good.
Justin looked like some drug smuggler with his hoodie and Country Road bag. ( ´∀`) He then unzipped his bag and showed me the kitten.
I picked it up and it clinged onto my cardigan, loose
ning the threads. Justin didn't trim it's claws so it kinda hurt. ☆⌒(>。≪)
I then had to go to the local supermarket to buy cat food and other nitty gritties ~
The lady at the counter thought I was cradling a toy, until she saw it move. Her response changed from a "wth!??" to an awed expression. I was surprised they even allowed me to bring the kitten into the shopping
center. ∑(O_O;)

I walked Justin and Yangyang to the station and the
n went home. A few people gave me the "look" and some chinese fobs said things like "哦!小猫咪~~"

On the way home, I decided to name the kitten "HIRO" (it's a boy). The name came from one of my favourite movies, KOIZORA.
Hiro is 2months old and is completely black (tints of brown in the sun) with white paws and a white tummy~ He also has very captivating blue eyes with grey rims ~ I wish I had those eyes.. ( ̄へ ̄)
He likes to bite stuff and nap ALOT even though he's a light sleeper.

My brother's playing with him right now ~~


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