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 until you reach.. INCEPTION!

Went to City to meet up with Benson Ou and Cici Li after school today.
Carl whacked me across the head with a water bottle while he walked past.. grr. Must have wanted to make me loose my brain cells so there's one less competitor in HSC. BUT! I'm not giving up so easily. heh.
Anyways Benson and I walked to Townhall Event Cinemas to check the time of the movie, INCEPTION and saw Selina and Howard having lunch at Subway. DAMN they're so cute together. And did I mention Selina's very very very very very..(enter multiple very's here)...pretty? 8)
After that Cici arrived and we all headed towards Max Brenners in David Jones to waste some time before the movie started. She and I both ordered a Skimmed Cappuccino and because Benson was sick, he didn't order anything. Oh wells, his lost! Cause it was oh so delicious.

Anyways Cici had to leave for a friend's dinner at 5pm and since the movie started at 5:20pm so it was good timing. Benson and I sent Cici off to the station and went back to the cinema to buy our tickets.

Other than the once in a while sound lags (yeah I know right!), everything else was just mind blowing! And since I just did an English speech on the degree of verisimilitude in modern adaption of various historical events, it made me criticise the film in so many ways. LOL! But it was still an awesome movie, and it kept me entertained. It had an easy to follow storyline (well easier to understand than shutter island)  but Benson still had to ask me what had happened in some scenes. Also, I think we kinda wrecked the ending for everyone else by taking away the intended atmosphere of suspense and curiosity as we ended up screaming "I TOLD YOU!" repetitively before the rolling of the end credits.
We ended up having to Scissors, Paper, Rock our opinions out because his thoughts on the ending was different from mine - the question of if Leonardo was still in a dream or not, and of course, I had won. hahahs.
Anyways, it's a MUST SEE film and you'd be missing out heaps if you don't go to watch it!

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 Term 3; Last Term of Prelim
The pressure's on since term 3 has officially started.
Last week was the first week of term 3 and I have to say... it's kinda all crumbling down and slapping me across the face now.
I know Preliminaries don't count towards my HSC but at this rate, I don't even THINK that I'm going to get anywhere close to the course I want to get into at Uni.
I also know that if I just somehow stop procrastinating and just work on whatever I need to, I'll get through everything like a breeze.
But... I can't.
It's like a habit that stays with all of us and refuses to leave us until we actually fall to the very rock bottom.
Some are born talented. Some has to work their asses off for their marks. And some.. are just too lazy to give a f**k.
heh. It's funny because I actually ended up slapping myself before I sleep because I know I can do it. But I just don't. And then the regret starts tumbling in. And you start blaming yourself for everything that's happened.
The fact that I now go to St George Girls doesn't help very much either. Yes, the girls there are smart as ****, but hey, if 90% of the school has private tutors and amazingly well off families, it's not really an issue huh? Yes, I know not all of them are like that. But the majority makes all the difference.
I guess I shouldn't be the one complaining, because everyone's under this kind of pressure right now. But I just wanted to get it out of my system and somehow write it down so I can look back the same time next year and laugh at how foolish I was.

We all seek for success. But the depressing part to it is that.. not all of us gain it.

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 Winter Mono Picnic
We went all the way to Concord West, Bicentennial Park for our once a term tuition class picnics; in order to keep us kids active during the holidays.
During our activities sessions, we played: Basketball, Bull Rush, Duck Duck Goose and Spin the Bottle; Truth or Dare. I ended up having to piggy back Leon Chen up a hill. God it was painful. 
Had "Asian" Styled Chicken Kabab for lunch which mostly ended up on the ground because the fillings kept falling out.. 
Played Volleyball for a while and I noticed that I had accumulated a few bruises from it. grr.
After that, because I didn't sleep the night before, I ended up dozing off and eventually fell asleep on Victoria's shoulder. *giggles
That was basically what happened...It was just like every other picnic I've been to since yr7 and I ended up spending the day chilling with the mono-ers and especially Cici. I don't know why.. but mono picnics just don't seem as exciting anymore. 
*sad face

- image -

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 New ♥ = SECRET!
Met up with Benson and Connie today.
We first went to TonTon inside the Chifley Plaza at Townhall so I could eat some "brunch".
I ordered a Chicken Curry and it was decent.
After we were all full, Benson decided to go downstairs to Prize Paradise to verse me in a game of basketball.
Unfortunately for him, I had won the game 126 to 132 (in heels; yes it was very painful) and he ended up sulking about it the whole day.

Benson then brought us to the "Secret Cafe" near Hungry Jacks.
Since you had to take an elevator up a shifty looking building, I was a little skeptical at first.
But once the elevator doors opened, upon entry, you see really nice little tables with glass toping where guests can sit and enjoy a light snack and drinks.
When we arrived at the counter, we were greeted by a very nice Korean guy and he showed us all the rooms and features included in the rooms that we can book, including the pricing for all of them.
The rooms included a mix of PS3, Wii, internet facilities, a whole database of movies, dramas and music videos. It was like HEAVEN for me. 
Since I liked green, we ended up choosing Room 6 ($5/hr/person) which had everything but Wii.
Benson and I played Tekken, C.O.D and Fifa while Connie ordered drinks on the automatic machine near the door. I ended up winning only the first game of Tekken but also beating Benson in an entire game of Fifa so I was happy.
Pretty good for a first timer huh?

I ordered a "Gorgeous Geisha" which the nice Korean guy brought in and arranged for me. It was so pretty, he even lit a candle to keep my tea hot.
Afterwards, Howard, Annie.C and Selina came. It was our first meeting and I have to say, those girls were GORGEOUS ! Couldn't take my eyes off them.
Anyways, we watched a movie suggested by Annie.C - "Shutter Island" for the remainder of the time. It messed with my head but it was a good movie nonetheless. We were there for a total of 5hrs! (gee time passes by fast when you're having fun) and had to pay a total of about $140AUD.
Secret Cafe is now my new . ahahahs. will definitely go back to enjoy a nice cup of tea, or just enjoy the wonderfully decorated rooms.

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I went to Fitness First at North Strathfield with Cici today ~
We were there for a total of 3hrs and god was it tiring.
I felt like I just shredded a whole layer of skin, kinda like snakes.

left to right: top: me; Cici and I
bottom: FF; Cici infront of change rooms

After that we made our way to the City and had lunch at iTaiwan in Chinatown. I loved the interior design of the place, more specifically their chandeliers. Also the staff there were very nice and it was fun ordering from the touch machines next to the tables.

Food wise, it was very cheap and very yummy ! Definitely a place to come back to whenever you feel like having a filling, not overpriced and basically nice lunch.

And basically we just went to Greenbox for another round of Karaoke, and headed home. 

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 K - K - Karate Kid.
Went to see Karate Kid with Janet, Joet and Chris today.
It was a decent movie, kind of cliche but nonetheless worth watching in ways.

Before the movie, we went to Galaxy world and played Gundam. I won a 2vs1 game against the guys, hahahs SHAME! But I accidentally left my novel "EMMA" on top of the machine and didn't realise it until after the movie had finished. Luckily someone turned it in at the counter so I was lucky enough to get it back.Also, I got soaking wet when I went back to obtain the novel. I swear, Sydney weather's so strange; it was full sunny when I went into the cinema and when I came out, it was pouring like no tomorrow.
Janet and I dogged the guys for a while and went to Chatime for some "girl to girl" D&M time, but it was soon interrupted by Chris's constant texts so we headed back to them as they went to grab food.

Around 4pm, Janet had to leave because she had a curfew and surprisingly Cici was finishing work so as the guys left, I stayed with Cici and we went to karaoke at Greenbox.


After the voice breaking 2hrs, Cici decided to go to her restaurant - "Chinatown Noodle King" located near Chinatown (hahahs) to grab some food. We ended up eating "霸王餐" there.
It's a very neat little shop and has an open kitchen. The food there is very decently priced, a very nice ambience - there's even a shelf full of mangas! and service and quality of food was excellent.
~ I still feel bad about not paying for that meal though. *sigh.

It was around 8pm and we decided to walk through the Friday night markets and towards Central station. It was super lively and as we strolled through the little street stands, the crowd just swallowed me in. Thus, I ended up holding Cici's hand through the whole walk out of Chinatown. - o -;;

Sydney nightlife

We rushed to the station thinking that the train was going to leave, but realised that it was alright to still catch the next train.

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 Bush Care. D&M.
Today some of my tuition friends and I went to plant some trees for Strathfield Council as a part of the annual "bush regeneration" day.
Had to wake up at 6am.. and then get to Bressington Park by 8:30am.
We got an intro talk from Mr Kiddle (as always) and went on to plant our new 'best-friends'.
Our Group
I paired up with Ellie but then ended up with Marzuki, my childhood friend from primary school, halfway throughout the event because he was planting little shrubs by himself. Since he was new to this "bush regeneration" thing, he was literally clueless and probably killed more plants.

Afterwards, Vicky and I went to eat Pho at Flemo and halfway throughout the meal, Leon.S and Ellie found us in the restaurant and joined us in pigging it out.

Since Cityrail was acting up again, transport was very complicated on the day so the four of us decided to just take a free ride to Burwood for some Gloria Jeans! (we also met the new tutor couple at flemo station *not naming anyone*)
Vicky had to leave at Strathfield because she lived in the Hurstville area so she didn't want to get home too late. So it was just Leon.S, Ellie and I at Burwood Gloria Jeans (plaza) having D&M time for literally 3-4hrs. At the end we established that we should spend more time like this and talk about whatever's in our minds without having to be afraid of being judged in any way. Overall, I guess it was a good time to bond with those that are close to you which also acted as a stress reliever so it was all well and good.

Training it back home was a pain in the a** though because passengers had to take the train to Homebush Bay, then bus it back to whichever stop they wanted to get to.

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My order from sasa arrived today and as usual, I was excited to rip all the bubble wrap off and take a look at all the goodies.

left to right:
TOP: Mentholatum - SUNPLAY Skincare UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++; JUJU Cosmetics - AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner (Light); Lotree - Ruby Clear Cleansing Oil; Gi & Gary - Professional Eyelashes B3 2L Black
BOTTOM: Dr G - Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm SPF30 PA++; (free) Lotree - Triple Balance Makeup Base Sample
Together I paid around $97AUD, and since I ordered together with Michelle Liang and her order was way over $300AUD, I got my stuff through free express shipping. (if anyone wants a review of any of these, just request it)

Anyways, since it's the holidays, I went to visit Janet at Tempe today along with Michelle.
After her free period, Michelle and I left for city and we went to Tenren for lunch.
She ordered a 913 KINGS MILK TEA w/ QQ and brick toast. While I got myself a nice hot cup of Jasmine Green Milk Tea. As a snack, we also got roasted squid.

I have to say.. I did prefer the 913 KINGS MILK TEA over the Jasmine Green Milk Tea..
I don't know if the problem's with just the tea or the person who made my tea, but the cup I had today was .. more .. watery ? lols.. like you can taste the water but not the milk..
yeah.. weird.

After that, we headed back to Sydenham so I could pick Janet and Angela up cause they wanted me to watch Eclipse with them.
mm I have to say.. it was pretty bad.. *please don't throw anything at me* ..
Just a whole lot of.. kissing ... nakie boys... and yeah.. action lasted for 3mins at the end.... if I want to see shirtless guys, might as well just google image it and not pay that 17bux. hmmph.
but honestly.. I literally yawned around 36 times and fell asleep 3 times during the whole course of the movie..
yeah.. pretty awful..

That's pretty much it... OH ! I went back to Mamaruya the other day with Michelle for lunch, and .. we ordered a Chicken Katsu Curry. and goddddd...
loved it. hahahs. I just loved the fact that they put the curry in a separate little pot with a cute spoon in it.
heheh. anddddddd yeah.
I'm off to start on my holiday assignments. *sad face..

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