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I attended Uni in a Day with David Wu, Zahav Capper and Fiona Tao today!
MEGA NERDING during holidays!!!

Location: Macquarie University
8am - 8:30am: Enrolment
8:30am - 8:50am: Why Macq. Presentation
9am - 9:50am: Soft-Soap, Snake-oil and Specious Reasoning: How to be a brilliant lie detector" (Philosophy Lecture) ** FAVOURITE LECTURE OF THE DAY!
10am - 10:50am: 
Introduction to Actuarial Studies (Actuarial Studies Lecture)
11am - 11:50am: Introductory Financial Accounting (Accounting and Finance Tutorial)
12pm - 12:50pm: Other Worlds (Astronomy Lecture)
12:50pm<: lunch

After that, we just left and went shopping at the Macquarie Shopping Center.
And I bought myself 5pens from TYPO. They also gave me a free pair of cute earphones!

Overall it was a fun day, with everything paid for by the University.
I could've done with more sleep though!

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 Anthony Lin's 17th
Today was Anthony Lin's 17th birthday and he held a private house party with all his "close" friends. Somehow I ended up on the guest list so instead of being a party pooper, I attended.

His house is so big! and.. non Asian looking. *chuckles
But it was all good. First was BBQ, and after that everyone just crowded around his massive TV and watched Toy Story 3.
I had to study for an economics exam which was on this evening so couldn't enjoy the movie. ):
Then I had to leave early because of the exam, so I missed out on the awesome dinner at his restaurant.
grrr. Next time! Next time!
): <

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 Benson's bday
Today was Benson's 17th Birthday!

I was appointed to organise a surprise birthday outing for him.. but he kinda popped my bubble throughout the day.
He was late after he had his exams so we skipped Norita, therefore I was able to get my morning coffee at Starbucks
After that we watched Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps at Event Cinema in Townhall.
Didn't really get to see the movie cause I was distracted throughout the film. SO can't really give a completely honest opinion of it. 
We then made our way to KingPin Bowling at Darling Harbour. He beat me in a game of Bowling.. then we played pool at one of the pool tables there and I won, air hockey - I won 7:6 and then finally Daytona which Benson took the lead.. 3 times.
After that, we just made our way to Wagaya for dinner and it was decent. 
I loved the ambiance and service of the place. Overall we paid about $90 for 2.

mm then we just walked towards Central station but ended up taking sticker photos at Capitols.

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 joet's formal
I just got home from the LaSelle yr12 formal and it was a blasttttt!
Not really. But it was still awesome. (:
It was held at Dockside Darling Harbour, the same place that Arthur held their formal last year.
I was still talking on msn when the boys came to pick me up. hahahs. Bao was driving and Chris sat in the front passenger seat while Joet and I sat at the back. While we were on our way to Chris' house, Joet got off to pick up the corsages from the local flower shop that I never knew existed.

When we got to Chris' house, he and Bao had to get ready, and during that time I met Chris' family. o.o;
It was sooooo awkward. Like.. I was speechless... since yeah. *sweatdrops
Anyways after that, we went to pick up Joanna at Strathfield and made our way back to Chris' house so we could all catch the train to City. 
We made it to the event just in time so it was all good. At the foyer, Jo and I were just holding onto each other because it was so strange being the only Asians in an unknown crowd full of Caucasians. After being led through the crowd by Joet, I found Anna and her boyfriend, Richard. She was very pretty and they looked so cute together!
After that, we were all led into the main room where the event was meant to be held. We had our entree, then the guys went off to take photos. Jo and I just walked around.. and yeah. We just bonded to each other throughout the whole night. 
Then the mains and desserts came.. and after the food, everybody went on the dance floor to pull off some moves. It was fun.. and tiring. hahahs. And the music was very strange.. one minute you have music from the 80s, the next you get Lebanese music. Richard also dedicated a song to Anna and guess what it was... I'll give you 3 seconds.... 1...2...BABY! by Justin Bieber. hahahs. Yes... I know... everyone was too hyped up to care though. I still reckon it was very sweet of him. (:

That was basically it. Typical formal night.. and now I'm as tired as hell. (yes, dancing for 4hrs in 13cm heels can get very tiring!)
Anywaysss I'm off to bed guys~ night!

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Tomorrow will be my last exam and KABOOM! here goes the start of my last year of high school!
hahahs. Wonder why I'm not studying my ass off for tomorrow's exam? Well it's not that I don't care about my results or anything.. (I do actually care... A LOT! - lol you typical Asian)
but I'm dropping the subject anyways so there's really no point in busting my ass for that exam.
I might just doodle some monkeys on the paper and sleep through the exam.. (not really?)

mm.. update. update..
So what has Annie been up to for the last week or two?
Well! I had a little celebration lunch at iTaiwan  and went karaoke at CEO with Owen, Huy, Connie on Friday afternoon.. and then watched Despicable Me with Benson at Event Cinema in Townhall. The movie disappointed me... I was actually expecting something that would like... WOW me. But it turned out to be just.. just.. like the trailer. Nothing memorable or anything.. so I kinda yawned throughout the whole movie and ended up messing around with Benson's hand? LOL!
What else...

I also attended a wedding on Sunday night with my mum since my dad was busy and couldn't go with her. But the thing was that I had an extension maths and French exam the next day.. and even though I
told my mum that I didn't want to go.. she still made me.*sad face.
I practically didn't know anyone at the reception.. and mum was dragging me around the place, showing me to every single available guy there, somewhat like an auction to sell me off. That kinda pissed me off so I ended up ignoring every guy who came by that night...
OH! there was also this kind bartender who kept mixing me these funky tasting drinks throughout the night and I was the only person at the party who had those drinks..
that was kind of the highlight of my night cause they tasted so niceeee!

After the reception, I crashed at home.. but still made it through with a few ext. maths past papers!
"STAY STRONG!" I told myself... where I also told my mum that if I fail this exam and didn't make it to the 4U class, she'd be the one to blame. That kind of scared her off and I don't think she'd ever force me to attend any gatherings without my permission anymore.
Yeah.. That's it for now!

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 3/8 done.
I've finished my Eng adv, Economic and Maths 2U exams!!!!
Been staying up every night to study but i've been doing fine so far~
so it's all good. At least all the sleepless nights didn't go to waste.

Anyways I have a free day tomorrow and then Chemistry on Friday.
And then I have to attend a wedding on Sunday before attending the Maths ext1 and French written exam on the next morning.
Then French Speaking on Tuesday ... and Legal on Thursday.
hahahs. gotta work harderrr! WISH ME LUCK GUYS!

it's the 080910. funky yes?
I think so too.

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Today's the 1st of September and in Australia, this also means it's the first day of Spring.
I've decided to start anew in this year's spring.. and... DYE MY HAIR BACK TO BLACK!
hahahs. I look so goody-goody right now.. just like how an Asian who cannot score B's in report cards should look like.
Anyways.. My yearlies start next Monday.. so.. WISH ME LUCK!


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