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 Melbourne 2013 II - Roadtrip Edition (17/07 - 21/07)
DAY 1:
JK picked me up from home everyone met at Greg's house at 6:30am.
Sally slept in and because she lives in Hornsby, we were behind schedule but it all worked out in the end.
Had breaky at this coffee place at Strathfield - sourdough with poached egg, chorizo and mushrooms. mmmm
Drove to Benson's and picked him up - headed towards M5 for the 12hr drive!
Made some pit stops along the way - for lunch at Maccas (because it was in remote areas, a little kid actually screamed out "WOAHHH ASIANS!!!" haha) and just to stretch out our legs and switch cars.
Sally and I got bored half way and started watching "The Switch" on my tablet. Since it was a comedy we were laughing really loud at the back seat. Suddenly we became silent and the nausea hit. I was lucky enough to suppress the food from coming up but Sally wasn't so lucky... Yeah.. movie + car ride = bad idea.
We finally made it to Melbourne CBD at around 6:30pm.
Drove to TGIF and had out dinner there. The boys were super excited about the game that was on so we stayed at TGIF for longer than expected.. 3hrs.. yep..
After dinner, we drove to Point Cook, where our holiday house was located.
It was a nice cozy home with 4 rooms, because there weren't enough beds for 10 people, Sally, Benson and I slept on one bed. lol... the house didn't really come as advertised though.
For the rest of the night we just tried to get cozy in our home for the next 4 days, waited for the 2 other girls to arrive from the airport and then went to the local Coles to buy food for next morning's breakfast.

DAY 2:
Was woken up by the 2 girls at 6am for our day at Peninsula hot springs but considering we all slept at 3am, nobody woke up until 8am. I got up at approximately 7am to make breakfast: Eggs Benedict and after a very satisfying meal, we hopped into the car and off we went for a day of pampering!
Highlight: The fantastic rustic views and GIRLS IN BIKINIS of course. HAHA
Would definitely come back to this place next winter.
It started pouring at around 4:30pm as we were having lunch so we decided to leave. However it would have been nice to have the cool rain drop on my face while sitting in the springs and seeing all the steam rise to the sky..
Anyways the drive back was a NIGHTMARE! Car accidents everywhere, peak our, massive storm. Yep. I almost thought we were not gonna make it back to Sydney alive. And JK's Toyota Corolla was like an ant being hosed away...
Once we got home, everyone was too tired to go shopping so we all just went out to buy food for dinner and made a massive meal which took approximately 3hrs.
After dinner, everyone had some rekorderlig and vodka while playing beer pong while I took out my trusted Lush Bath Bomb and relaxed in the tranquility of Letters to Juliet on the tablet.

DAY 3:
This day started off with us rushing to the City before Hardware Societe's breakfast hours closed. We had the worst time finding affordable parking and basically some of us had to get off and save ourselves a spot. Luckily the drivers managed to park their car in QV for $18 (unlimited all day parking) and we were the last group to be seated for breakfast; those who were behind us were unlucky enough to arrive just a tad late for the breakfast menu and was told sorry or either come back at lunch.
Baked Eggs all around! And I had a clover coffee which was really not that mind blowing. I guess I was expecting too much from this place since I read all the yummy reviews beforehand; and I had been wanting to visit this place since Feb when I was last here.
After breaky was SHOPPING TIME!
I basically bought a lot of things at Zara because they were having a sale and then we headed off to DFO for some bargain hunting. And needless to say, Melbourne DFO is so much better than Sydney's (even though Syd is trying to improve itself with all the new additions and renovation). The majority of my spending went into Addidas for gym clothes and some souvenirs for the bros and Tommy Hilfiger for those v-neck form fitting jumpers that make you look a million bucks.
It started pouring again after we came out of the shops and we were clueless as to where we were going to have dinner! The original plan was bar hopping/shopping night but because it was raining, that would've been an extremely bad idea. Nobody wants to get their new clothes and shoes wet!
So we found this KBBQ place near the Markets in the City and basically had a decent meal there - expensive though they had a nice toilet, it still doesn't make up for it. At the end of dinner, Greg became very grumpy because he was basically between the two tables and didn't manage to get much food; and because he had wanted to see the nightlife and the bars on the night. So we tried to cheer him up with some alcohol from Celebration and Shirley made him a little snack at home so he wouldn't starve through the night.
We played drinking games until 4am and by the end of it everyone was either stoned out or behaving like 5yr olds. There were only 4 of us who were sober and it was surely a night to remember.

DAY 4:
Because we all went to bed at around 5am the previous night, everyone practically woke up at 2pm the next morning. The day started slow with breakfast, and then everyone just sat around the dining table chatting about life and whatnot. This went on for around 3hrs and during that time, Benson and I geared up and went out for a run around the neighbourhood. It was very refreshing breathing in the crisp air in winter, and it was then I found out just how unfit I was. haha A headache hit me especially concentrated around the areas above my ear, near my temple. So we head back to the house and everyone decided that we would go bar hopping tonight. So all the girls got into their best clothes and we basically did each other's hair and makeup.
With everyone so fabulous, we had to take some pictures before our maxi cab arrived - he was around and hr late because he couldn't find our house since it's in a newly developed area.
We first had dinner at this amazing woodfire pizza place on Lygon St. The last time we were here at Lygon, the pizza was very mediocre but this restaurant was different. Even though we were and hr and a half late for our reservation, the owner was very generous to provide us with the center table. Though what came next was the best part, he started playing tricks on us. In the end I had to verse against him at a game of naughts and crosses and as the game came to the part where no one wins, he allowed me to win by drawing my circle and connecting the three together. With our victory, we were awarded their infamous chocolate pizza, on the house. Food was fantastic! Ambiance was great and the owner was just the best bloke!
After dinner we ran around Lygon St trying to find a maxi cab. And because we were unsuccessful we just took 3 separate cabs to Madame Brussels.
There were no spots inside so we basically had to keep shifting tables on the outside to get ourselves near the heater. The waiters dressed in shorts and a tshirt (in 5'C weather) were very attentive and offered us cushions and blankets so we would be more comfortable. With our jugs of girly cocktails, we basically played "never have I ever", and revealed many secrets.
Afterwards, we went to this alleyway in Chinatown for another two bars before heading to Karaoke. Karaoke was basically a rip off and the lady just gave us random prices like we didn't know how much karaoke costed in Australia. Because half of us were able to speak Chinese, we basically haggled her until the price dropped from $500 to $150 + free food and drinks!
After some good old singing, we had to head home as the guys would have to wake up early and drive for another 12hrs the next day.

DAY 5:
We were home at around 3am and the two girls had to go to the airport at 5am so Sally and I basically stayed up with them until their taxi came and made sure they were safe and sound.
Without sleep, we became extremely grumpy when no one woke up to clean the house before departure. The two of us took the whole morning to clean up everyone's mess and by 8am, we were so angry that we turned on the vacuum and went around the house so everyone could get up and clean up after themselves (so that we don't get fined). Well that was a failed plan and everyone else basically woke up at 9am and only dropped their sheets off in the washing. Checkout was at 10am and we made it. Atleast we weren't late right?
The rest of the way back, Sally and I were exhausted so she basically went to sleep. But because the boys didn't get much sleep either, I had to stay awake and make sure that they were not dozing off while driving.
I was able to do it for the first 5hrs but after that I gave the job to the others and slept for approx 1hr.
In the last hurdle, it was Cho, Greg, Sally and I in one car and we talked about the most personal but interesting topics which kept everyone up no matter how tired we were.
As we exited the M5, we knew that was it. We made it. Back to Sydney.
After I got home, I just dropped everything and slept.
As much as I wanted to hibernate for the next 3days, this bliss was only felt until the next morning because I had to tutor. *sigh.

As fun as the car ride was;
I am never taking another road trip interstate again.
Nor am I going to eat Maccas for the next yr because 3 times a day for two days is just ridiculous.

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