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Sasa package has arrived.. after 2 months of delay.
Total Cost: $92AUD



Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE Volume and Curl Mascara (Black)

- pretty packaging, thin wand therefore excellent for hard to reach places
- doesn't lengthen much (it's not meant to in the first place, as the company has another mascara just for curls and lengthening) but keeps curls and volumises. - does what it says
- looks natural with 1-2 coats, doesn't clump, is SUPER waterproof
- would buy again! It's great for asian lashes!
- 8/10

- super cute packaging!!!! very girly, and the puff is useless but it's sooo cute (especially with the pink bow)! I guess it's job is to stop the balls from falling out.
- I like to tap a few balls onto the lid and then swirl my angled cheek brush to apply this.
- Has some very visible chunks of glitter which does not make this suitable for everyday work wear. But the pink is a very adorable baby pink! Can also be used as a highlighter as there is a light sheen to the powder.
- can look powdery but it also does need a few swipes to get some colour
- smells very nice. Has a floral perfume scent to it.
- all in all, I dislike large amounts of glitters in my blushers so I would certainly not purchase this again. But then again, there is a lot of product which I doubt I'd be able to finish off.
- 6/10

Kose NATURE & CO Pure White Lotion (Light)

- Made with mostly natural organic ingredients so it is less harmful for the skin!
- Has a very refreshing herbal smell which is comparable with Jurlique's products
- When applied, it feels very refreshing and is non sticky. And can wipe off excess cleanser and makeup.
- Has not lightened my acne scars but does leave my skin moisturised and soft
- Definitely worth the price!
- Will buy again
- 8/10

Lotree Moisture Skin Primer Pact (23)

- Packaging is excellent. Very delicate and has a decent mirror.
- Powder is finely milled and pressed. Doesn't cake up if applied properly and with a light hand.
- Has a very pleasing lavender fragrance
- How I like to apply this product is by pressing the powder onto the puff, and then use a big powder or kabuki brush and take the product from the puff instead of the actual pressed powder itself. Then you brush the product on desired areas of your face!
- Very moisturizing and light. Covers pores well and stays for most of the day. Oil control is decent but only lasts up to 2hrs.
- Didn't break me out as the powder does not block pore since it contains mineral powder
- 23 is suitable for most light to medium yellow toned skin whereas 21 is more suitable for people with lighter pink toned skin
- will purchase again and is worth it's price
- 8.5/10

Creer Beaute La Rose De Versailles Lady Oscar Impact & Cool Eyes (Black)

- Very elegant packaging; contains a milky glass jar imprinted with 'La Rose de Versailles' and a rose in gold. The black lid also has a gold rose imprinted ontop. A small black eyeliner brush is included, it is suitable for basic lining and filling between eyelash purposes.
- Product itself is very soft and the colour payoff is great! I was able to get a dark line on the first swipe from the jar.
- Comes in a very true opaque black but when applied on the eye, it sometimes does need two swipes.
- Dries very fast and is water resistant. This does not mean it is completely waterproof, but is able to withstand the day without smudging and disappearing.
- Definitely worth the purchase
- 8/10

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo (01 Mocha) + Artist’s Eye Pencil (02 Softsmudge Brown)

- Eyeshadow: very smooth and blendable. But the colour payoffs aren't that good. The darker shadow is not a great contour colour. However the lighter shadow is a great highlighter for the upper brow bone and inner eye area. Also the shadows don't tend to crease so that's a plus
- Eyeliner: glides on the lid perfectly. Very natural when applied as it is a medium brown. It is not waterproof but does stay on for quite a long time for a normal eyeliner. Also it is more smudge proof than most non waterproof eyeliner. Suitable for contact wearers.
- Overall: packaging is perfect! It's as small as a credit card, plus it has a rather big mirror so it's great to bring for touch ups. Happy with this purchase and will purchase again
- 7.5/10

Estee Lauder PURE COLOR 4-Color Pure Color Eyeshadow (06 Truffle)

- Very handy packaging and comes with a smaller mirror.
- Has better pigmentation than the signature shadows
- Same blendability and is more silky. 
- Stays on for a very long time and is non creasy.
- Love the copper/gold colour (no1)! - I like to use it on the lower lash line
- Would definitely purchase again
- 8.5/10

NOYL Eyelash Extension

- Beautiful long individual lashes.
- Very cheap and are reusable
- The glue which comes with the lashes is useless
- Can be hard to apply when first using individual lashes, but it gets better with practice
- Can be used on the outer, inner, and lower lashline
- Will be repurchasing
- 7.5/10

Innisfree Wine Peeling Softener

- Claims to be pure and natural as well as dermatologically tested thus will be effective on problematic skin.
- Contains botanic extracts from organic plants and no parabens
- Can visibly see dead skin being peeled off. Skin is left very soft after
- Smells like real wine as it contains 50% real wine
- Cheaper alternative to Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. But works just the same.
- VERY gentle and is a natural yet effective way to exfoliate your skin.
- Don't think I'll ever finish the bottle so still not sure if I would purchase again.
- 8/10

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"PACKAGE~" was Posted On: Monday, November 29, 2010 @3:46 PM | 0 lovely comments
Went shopping with my parents today and as we were glancing through an electrical store, I realised I needed a new mini Netbook in order to save time with word documents typed at school.
Since my laptop is like... 17", it is very very heavy to carry to school everyday. So instead I purchased a Samsung NP-NF310 at Harvey Norman for $550AUD ($50AUD discount) !

The basic specs include: (http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/pc-peripherals/notebook-pc/netbook/NP-NF310-A01AU/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail&tab=specification)

Operating System
Operating System
Genuine Windows® 7 Starter
Intel® ATOM™ N550 Dual Core Processor 
(1.50GHz, 667MHz, 2 x 512KB)
System Memory
1GB (DDR3 / 1GB x 1)
10.1" LED HD (1,280 x 720) 16:9 Non-Gloss
Graphic Memory
Shared Memory (Int. Graphic)
Graphic Processor
Intel GMA3150 (Int. Graphic)
Dimension (W x D x H mm)
275.0 x 187.5 x 25.3 ~ 30.9
Weight, include Standard Battery (kg)

I'm very satisfied with my unplanned purchase and have been appreciating this little baby everyday!
- LOVE the powerful processor!
I even bought a cute little case for it from Typo ($20AUD)

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"NEW MINI NETBOOK" was Posted On: Thursday, November 25, 2010 @8:45 PM | 0 lovely comments
There has been some changes to my weekly schedule of tuition and school.
Just want to note them down so I can look back and laugh at how ridiculous I was during my HSC experience.

8:00am - 3:10pm ; School
5pm - 7pm ; Chemistry Tuition

8:45am - 2:25pm ; School
4pm - 6pm ; Economics Tuition

8:45am - 3:10pm ; School
5pm - 6:30pm ; English Tuition

8am - 1:10pm ; School

8:45am - 2:25pm ; School

1pm - 3pm ; Dance
4pm - 7pm ; Maths ext I Tuition

10am - 1pm ; Maths ext II Tuition

1 extra day of tuition added, but I won't have to come home at 12am on Wednesdays anymore!

OH! And we already chose the names for our year 12 jerseys.
I ended up with "He-Cup"
As in 'Hiccup' or take it 'As You Like It' - note the pun?

- Principal didn't allow me to put that as my jersey name, so instead, I now have "He&Me"

And thus. I Belong...

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"UPDATED WEEKLY TIMETABLE" was Posted On: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 @10:17 PM | 0 lovely comments
Our yr12's were selling their textbooks at school today.
They're literally like.. BRAND NEW but for a fraction of the price!
Like .. a new Fitzpatrick 4U textbook would only be $5AUD instead of $50AUD.
hahahs. maybe a little exaggerated because I do not know what the actual price of the textbook is, but you get my gist!

The books I purchased:
-Mathematics Ext II examination papers with all solutions - The Mathematical Association of NSW
-Excel Fast Track 50 HSC Exam Tips Maths Ext II (4Unit)
-Excel Fast Track HSC Step by Step Study Guide Maths Ext I (3Unit)
-Excel HSC 3 Unit Maths - S.K.Patel
-Conquering Chemistry HSC Course (4th Edition)
-A bunch of Economics notes from Leading Edge Lectures
-HSC Economics Model Answer Series - Leading Edge (all topics)

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"BIG BOOK SALE!" was Posted On: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @10:38 PM | 0 lovely comments
 tsfx lecture
13/11/10 with Micky.
It was in one of the lecture rooms at USYD near the commerce building.
We joined because we signed up for updates from TSFX and thought that since we had nothing better to do, might as well go see what types of tips we can take in from this "free" lecture apparently worth $200AUD.
It was extremely unhelpful for both of us because it was basically just common sense.

Thus we left during the half break and went City to eat lunch.

It was extremely hot so we kinda made our way to Broadway Shopping Center during our walk from USYD to Townhall.
I bought a new wallet at PrettyInPink during our time at Broadway!
It's pretty decent. hahahs. paid only $25AUD for it.
But the things in PrettyInPink are very durable and cute! So I'm very happy with my purchase.

After that, we satisfied Micky's obsession with the Superdry store and went to buy his many tank tops from the store. We also roamed through the new Westfield on Pitt St!
It's so much more .. RICH LOOKING! But then again I guess it's in the City so it has to be ultimately posh.

That was basically my day ~~
Truly a worthless lecture, and spending time with Micky while catching up.

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"tsfx lecture" was Posted On: Sunday, November 14, 2010 @11:14 AM | 0 lovely comments
 GreenDay & First HSC Assessment
We had Mufti at school today to celebrate some biodiversity day (called Green Day) the enviro-club of our school had set up. Our school hosted the event because apparently we're one of the leaders in being environmentally friendly. There was a lot of fundraising and such around the school and we had visitor schools from all over the place coming in to celebrate it with us. One of which I recognised was North Sydney Boys.
I basically had free periods in the afternoon so I just left at 12pm. Nothing special to me I guess.. just another boring old school day ~

mm but I also got my first HSC assessment timetable today.. which is depressing.
It's going to be held in 2-3 weeks so better step on the accelerator and give it my best shot!
*pshhfttt as if*

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"GreenDay & First HSC Assessment" was Posted On: Thursday, November 11, 2010 @10:59 PM | 0 lovely comments

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