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 Open Air Cinema!
Started the day with coffee and brunch with Zahav @ Gloria Jeans & Impress Cafe in Auburn
- ice long black
-free ranged eggs + Turkish pepperoni

- image -

Then I drove to Bondi Junction and everyone had already arrived. Since Karen already bought her books, we had more food at Bondi Pizza with an amazing view!

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Entree: chilli prawn, salt and pepper calamari, stuffed mushrooms
Main: 2 pizzas (Chicken&Parmesan and Meat Supreme) and a spinach ravioli

Had to repark my car for free parking after 7pm, so we had to wait in the foodcourt for 7pm and enjoyed a gig by a pretty boy and his guitar.
Went to Coles for some lollies and water.

Took the bus to Bondi beach and turned in our tickets for "Gangster Squad" - apparently all the sessions for this was sold out - at the Ben and Jerry's open air cinema. Then we took our spot on the lawn and set up camp with our mats. Since the movie doesn't start until the sun goes down, we somehow ended up talking about our dream guy. haha
Movie was mediocre. Everyone started looking into the sky for stars halfway because it got cliche/boring.
Very uncomfortable if you didn't order the beanbags - back and butt was aching by the end of it.

Afterwards, we just took the bus back to Bondi Junction and I drove home in the pretty City lights.

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