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 Weekly Timetable
This will become my sad sad HSC life from now on:

8:00am - 3:10pm ; School

8:45am - 2:25pm ; School

8:45am - 3:10pm ; School
5pm - 6:30pm ; English Tuition
8pm - 10pm ; Chemistry Tuition

8am - 1:10pm ; School
4pm - 6pm ; Economics Tuition

8:45am - 2:25pm ; School

1pm - 3pm ; Dance
4pm - 7pm ; Maths ext I Tuition

10am - 1pm ; Maths ext II Tuition

-- just looking at this makes me cringe.
I still need to fit in around 40hrs+ of study time. grr.

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 Bought textbooks
- Dot Point Investigations
- Cambridge Eco
- Terry Lee HSC combined mathematics + ext I

waiting for:
2011 Updated Eco (bought: 28/10)
Terry Lee ext II (received: 29/10)
Dot Point (received)
Conquering Chemistry (received)
Cambridge Maths HSC ext I (received)
Cambridge Maths HSC ext II (received 11/11)
Fitzpatrick Maths 4U (received 11/11)
Riley Economics HSC 2011 (received)

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 It was nice while it lasted
I have quit 'mono' after 5yrs of joy.
Signed up in yr4 and thought it was the scariest, strictest place on earth..
Join halfway through yr7. It was scary and became a bother to attend night classes for 3 times a week at first but you eventually get used to it.
Becomes an everyday routine... and you get really attached to the place especially the people there... good memories...
but now.. it's time for me to focus on my studies and leave!
see you in the future! I'll miss those good timessss ~~~

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 2010 motor show
Motor Show - $20 p/p (w/ Benson)
*it was alright. Didn't expect much. Models weren't that hot but the cars attracted most of my attention.

Myer - bought brother's present: Mossimo undies
*it was awkward trying to figure out his size. hahahs.

Imagination - bought new shoes

Shinara - food was decent. service getting a little better.

No1 Cake Shop - bought brother's birthday cake. *YUMMMMMM!

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 tempe social
Starbucks - got a free drink cause they forgot about my order
**Met up with Benson and Simon.
Roll + - The Syd Boys crew were having their lunch/dinner there so yeah. We just went to have some pre-social fun? LOL

Was held at Blackbird Cafe. The place was decent, kind of small though. There was a whole lot of grinding and dancing.. a lot of photo taking and nice finger food. Overall the night was great. I spent most of the night with my girlssss ~ And that made it even more enjoyable! Janet was especially wild. On the dance floor. *giggles.

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 simon misses us all. nawhhh
w/ Janet, Simon, & Benson
rainy day.. got soaked. = =;

- monopoly (most property but had $221 left)
- scrabble (simon cheated so we quit)
- uno

**k @ greenbox

**'So Good' Jewelery store @ townhall and bought a pair of sterling silver earrings which me and Janet each shared as a token of friendship

**Kinokuniya - walked around
(Janet and Simon left)

**went to Myer and got some Clinique foundation (Superfit Oil Free Formula - Honey) and lipstick (Long Last Lipstick - Sugared Maple)

**Dymocks and preordered some textbooks

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 T.3 spring mono picnic
- Strathfield Park
- Gloria Jeans Caramellatte in the morning
- GAMES INCLUDED: Bball, cricket, 123 home (stacked it), stuck in the mud, 2 gods, oztag
- lunch: hot dog
- freetime = phototime!
- pumpkin cafe @ stra
 -- italian vienna
 -- squid and snack (nuts) -- it was very.. unexpected. But the sauce they gave us was nice!

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