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Some of yous are starting to ask about my timetable as I'm assuming most of you have gotten yours.
So here it is. :D


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 Last day at the Children's Hospital
i was appointed into the out patients room to entertain all the kids that are either waiting to see a doctor or is signing out of the hospital. our job was either to help them put on tattoos with the permission of their parents, make them balloon animals or just simply encouraging them to do some fun colouring in!
the kids there were all very very sweet and very cute.
all the children who wanted tattoos on their little hands were all so happy afterwards. one of the little girl who was merely 1 even blew us kisses as she left! > w <;;
there was one particular little boy who was especially clingy to his sister that began to stare at me as i was putting tattoos on other kids. and when i asked him if he wanted one, he put on the biggest and cutest smile and shyly nodded. but then his sister told him they had to ask mum first and his smile quickly turned into a disappointed frown. but after a moment, he came running back and quickly lifted his sleeve and pointed to his arm where he wanted the tattoo. i asked if his mum allowed him and he happily nodded his head. after a while i also made him a giraffe and he quickly ran towards his mum and showed her. this little blonde boy was extremely cute and his hand was extremely small and warm. actually all the children's hands were tiny and especially warm. children are such innocent, loving creatures who just need that attention and care. no matter how mischievous they are, it is in their nature to be playful. so they all have the ability to become great people in the future and it is only through a lack of love that they start to turn into bad fruits. their smiles from this session has filled my heart with fuzziness and is making my determination to become a doctor stronger. 

after saying a sad goodbye to some children, catherine and i was back into the blood cord bank room to sort out files.

lunch was chicken udon and a seaweed salad at some japanese restaurant in randwick. it was very mediocre. 

last session was in the starlight express room where i drew pictures and made cards for the patients who came to play.

after that it was back to the conference room where monica signed our forms and gave us our certificates as a appreciation for our help.
overall the hospital experience has opened my eyes to the works of a hospital and has given me a wider perspective of what it takes to become a doctor. It has also made me appreciate my own health as well as the ones of others. When you save a life like the ones of the children i have met during my work at this hospital, the way they can smile and have the ability to live happily gives you the power to feel more alive and willing to take on anything in this world.
I would like to thank the Sydney Children's Hospital for this opportunity. just so that i could see the smiles like the ones of those children again, i will give it more than my all and have the ability and motivation to face all challenges in the future.

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 work day two.
I helped fairy sparkles for 2 sessions at the hospital garden today. It was very tiring as I had to clean her table and stool set and then washed her pots with Catherine. But it was a worthwhile job as we did get to play with the fairy's little black Pomeranian named Inkling.

Fairy Sparkles is a very kind lady and she has helped many hospitals gain a garden of their own just like this one! You can check her out here. (:

mm we had lunch at some thai/viet restaurant and ordered a bowl of pho and pad thai.
I don't know.. the food was just very average. Can't say much about it. :S

After lunch we went to our final session together with a few nurses and just put together some new born files for expecting mothers! we made a total of 83sets in 30mins! New record! :D

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- slept in because alarm didn't ring
- ended up running a marathon to find Catherine in the morning on the other side of the City, but ended up at my starting point once we were on the bus
- got lost inside the hospital so we ran another marathon trying to find the coordinator
- finally found them in a conference room and we ended up being half an hour late, but they haven't explained many procedures so it was alright
- learnt how to make balloon animals! >:D
- went to sort out blood bank files
- had lunch at the Star Cafe : chicken avo sandwich
- entered UNSW Med student reviews on data sheet for doctor
- the doctor then bought ONE purple carrot and offered me half. o.o;
- left and went to shopping at Townhall with Catherine
- met up with Vicky and Michelle
- Dinner at Takeru
- headed to IMAX and watched SUCKER PUNCH: boobs on swords. like seriously. a movie for guys who likes something with hot chicks where they'd fulfill their video game dreams of guns, swords, machines and fighting with short skirts, kinky costumes and chicks with hot bodies.
- Polaroid photos and then Catherine's parents sent me to the station! they're so nice. :D
- SORRY GUYS! I signed a contract saying that I cannot take any photos with patients and cannot tell you guys their amazing stories! I really want to but don't want to get sued so yeah. (:

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I had 4U tutor this morning from 9:30 - 1130am but it went over time by an hour so ended up finishing at 12:30pm. Once I walked outside, Benson surprisingly was waiting for me the whole time in the sun. He then dragged me towards the station but i said "my house is on the other way". He was like "yeah I know, we're taking a detour" and kept walking with a cheeky smile on his face. On the train, he just kept complaining about how he had absorbed enough vitamin D for his whole lifetime as a way to stop me from asking where he was taking me.

But in the end, we arrived at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
We first went straight to the atm as i didn't expect to come here and so had no cash on me.
Then we went to have lunch! It was the crappiest and most expensive food i've ever eaten! It was extremely gross.. all burnt and oily and poorly presented. This was because the place had bad time management and there were a lot of people buying food. Like seriously! A packet of small chips was $6!! and a bottle of water was $4! even the atm surcharge was $3. =.=;

After that, we then bought coupons to go on the swing ride. Let me see.. $1 per coupon and a ride was like 6-7 coupons each... *cries
But it was still fun as I have liked this ride ever since i was little

We then headed for the animal displays and then found the lumberjack show.
And then we went to the game stalls in hopes of winning some big toys. But after wasting like $60, we ended up with a small Toad from Mario Bros. I gave it to Benson as I already have a lot of plushies and one more isn't gonna make a difference.

After that we just walked around and found the more "adult" rides and went on the ultra high swing! This time it was a 2 seater so Benson and I could sit next to each other. We went up so high that i ended up squeezing his hand very very tight. And then it swung around really fast.. and i screamed.
mm.. We walked around a bit more and then just left for home.
We were both very tired and our wallets were nearly empty. *sigh.
But still... the ride on the swing had made a deep impression on Benson as he has never been on it before and it is now one of his favourite rides as it enables him to hold my hand while going high up into the sky.

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 eco outing
This evening Greg.L, our economics tutor invited us to go on a tutor outing where we all relax and have fun with the whole class at the City under the City nightlife!
We met up at 330pm at Strathfield station and took the train to Central together. While on the train, we had found out that Greg has forgot to book the restaurant for a table at Chat Thai and so we were all nervous about having to wait 2hrs for a table. But when we got there, the lady was nice enough to give us a table within 5mins because we had like 12 people with us.
I ordered a Chicken Padsiew and some pork skewers! YUMMMM! If you guys ever go to Chat Thai, you HAVE TO try their pork skewers. They are the most scrummiest yummiest entrees out!

After dinner, I led the way towards SECRET CAFE at Townhall where Greg had booked rm1 for 2hrs.
Inside the room, we started with a game of Jenga where I pulled out one of the most unstable pieces (yeah unlucky) but didn't manage to knock the pieces over. Everyone clapped after. hahahs.

mm we then played Pictionary and turned into a very intense game with the two oldest boys - Greg and Daniel (22-23) screaming their lungs out like little kids. We were split into teams of 4, and had a piece of paper each to scribble on. The group kept complaining about Secret being stingy and not giving us more paper to play with, even though we're paying them over a hundred dollars for 2hrs. hahahs. The game ended when we ran out of paper and when the boys started getting frustrated over the scores.

After that we went to play pool while the others played poker: Winston and I was against Daniel and Zahav; and we won! cause I managed to wipe the table in the end after Daniel wiped his balls first and then missed a shot. Overall it was a very good game.

And then we all join in the game of poker and ended our time in Secret with some funny videos on youtube.
I would like to thank Greg for paying for our time inside SECRET! (:

The whole group then headed towards French Riviera and I shared a bowl of Icecream ($25) with Sam, Victoria, Winston and Zahav. It was horrible but Winston insisted on finishing it simply because it was 25bux.
mm During the process of enjoying our icecream Greg was just being the matchmaker and gossiping and teasing everyone in the class. The night closed with a photo near the icecream palour and overall it was a fun night!

Only photos I had left since all the others were accidentally deleted.

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Today we had our annual school Walkathon, a day where yr12s get to set up our own stalls and sell goodies while the other years ask for sponsors and then walk to a beach at San Souci (10km)! This is a tradition of St Georgians and the money fundraised is used improve certain things around the school, decided by the SRC group.

Usually we would set up our stalls at the park near the beach but since the past few days have had such bad weather, the school decided today was going to be rainy as well so they made us set up at school and get the girls to walk back to school from the beach instead. But guess what. TODAY WAS A PERFECTLY SUNNY DAY! )):
But then again.. I guess it's better in a way that we don't have to move the tables back and forth by car and stuff so it was all good.

Our stalls were reviewed by the prefects and they included fun activities like nail art, tattooing, jump castles etc. As well as yummy food and drink stalls with pizza, cookies, Korean rice cakes, soft drinks, easy way and such! Our stall consisted of both food and drink! We were lucky enough to get sponsored by Baker's Delight (Rockdale) and Gloria Jeans (Rockdale) and were able to sell yummy freshly baked bread and refreshingly tasty Italian Soda! Our group consisted of 8 people including: Mish Lu, Mish Liang, Catherine.Z, Liza.W, Vicki.T, FiTao, Ellen.C and I! While the two Mishes were in charge of collecting the money, Catherine, Liza, Vicki and Fitao were responsible for the bread selling. That leaves Ellen and I with the job of making the awesome Italian Soda! :9

The Italian soda was a great success and with the meal deals, we were able to sell out super fast! In fact we finished like three hours in advance! :D
There was a profit of a total of over $150 and so we finished the day early with a few photos and headed to Liza's apartment to watch White Chicks!

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