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 Vivid Sydney 2012
- Worst weather. Walked out at night, rained like crazy and was super windy. Nearly got blown over and umbrella flipped twice....
- Dinner at Shinara - Korean BBQ Buffet - dinner $21p.p. Changed management ages ago as I have mentioned before, aesthetics not as nice but still has good food - if you want lots and lots of meat! And ventilation system is worst that before. Service has improved since the last time I went- like they helped us set up and table and all so we didn't have to do it ourselves. And there were more varieties of marinated meat in the menu
- Checked Instagram and popped Benson's bubble, so I found out that we were heading to see Vivid
- Didn't know what it was before tonight but heard heaps of friends tweet about it for a while, just never got around to checking it up
- It was really pretty even though it was raining - Benson did prepare us for the rain with a huge umbrella and 2 raincoats which he bought before I arrived at Townhall.
- pretty lights, clever hands on artworks with music and projections etcetc.
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