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I don't know how I could have missed this singer and why I didn't find him earlier!
JAY'ED is like the ultimate BOMB in japanese rnb ~

It all happened after I found DJ KAORI's new album - JMIX-III, and as I was skimming through the previews I noticed that I kept replaying the forth track in the album.
So I went out and found who the singer of the song was. And yeah ~
That's how it all happened.

I've noticed that JAY'ED's English is very VERY good.
Like no accent and actually makes sense type of good. And that's pretty hard to find in Japanese singers.
Also I just adore his voice. It's so smooth and soothing.
All in all, I really recommend him to any rnb lover or even all music lovers -- check him out! It'll be worth it ~

Here's a MV of the forth track in DJ KAORI's JMIX-III I kept replaying ~

Also check out DJ KAORI's JMIX-III while you're at it !

Artist : DJ Kaori
Genre : Electronic / Dance
Language : Japanese
Release Date : 25/11/09

1. Lotta Love (m-flo MINMI)
2. Kiss Kiss Kiss (DJ HASEBE REMIX) (BENI)
4. Everybody (JAY’ED)
6. WHAT A FEELING (安室奈美恵)
7. ガラガラ GO!!! (BIGBANG)
8. Garden (May J. feat.DJ KAORI、Diggy-MO’、クレンチ&ブリスタ)
9. 今でもずっと (Spontania feat.伊藤由奈)
10. 素直になれたら (JUJU feat.Spontania)
11. 永遠 (BoA)
12. 紅空 (lecca)
13. アベマリア (MINMI)
14. 今夜はブギー・バック (TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET+HALCALI)
16. S・A・Y・O・N・A・R・A (DJ KAORI)
18. SHOCK-運命- (黒木メイサ)
19. Yes (宏実)
20. 泣きたくなるけど (傳田真央)
21. think of U (Crystal Kay)
22. さよならをキミに… (Tiara feat.Spontania)
23. Diggin’On U (清水翔太)
24. With You~君といつまでも~ (KG feat MAY’S)
25. 君といたい (SPHERE feat 傳田真央)
26. もう一度… (童子-T feat.BENI)
27. 会えなくても (WISE feat.西野カナ


video @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Uj-ZdmztlU
previews @: http://www.haoting.com/musiclist/ht_ae01bfd61846c974.htm
info @: http://www.haoting.com/musiclist/ht_ae01bfd61846c974.htm
download @: http://www.mediafire.com/?wnn4ztmmrzu


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I would like to thank JESSICA MA, JANET YI & KAREN VIEN for their farewell letters, EDWARD ZHENG for his X'mas card & DAMIAN YU for the big bouquet of flowers & X'mas card.

Also I would like to thank 10W for being such a wonderful class!
Yes, I know we have already shed a few tears during the speeches. However even as I'm typing this, my eyes water up from just thinking about all the times we had - Just suddenly not being able to see your gorgeous faces at school anymore is a dreadful and frightening thing.

To Karen's question of : "Hey Annie, do you think we'll still be friends forever?"
Well to answer your question Karen:
Nothing in this world lasts forever. Just like the flowers Damian bought me. They'll die sooner or later.
But until the day that I die (just like the flowers), I will treasure our friendship like how a child treasures their first teddy bears.
So you better be prepared to be spammed with phone calls, emails and invites to outings woman!
And this applies to all 10W students!


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As we go on

We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever ~

Well today (actually yesterday since it's past 12am), I graduated year 10 from Tempe High School.
Even though I have just arrived in this school at the beginning of this year, it is now time for me to leave in order to continue my journey of finding success. Through that I meant transferring to St George Girls High School.
Many fun and exciting moments have been shared throughout the year with not just 10W but the rest of the Tempe students. 
We have cried together, laughed together, mucked around together, taken pictures in lessons together, dozed off in class together, ate together, even going to the toilet together! *chuckles*
Throughout the year, I have made many MANY new friends at Tempe. They not only supported me, but also helped me out in times of need and distress. I truly appreciate all that you guys have offered me: the hand that welcomed me into the new school, the same hand that waved at me, patted me on the back, ruffled my hair, pinched my cheeks, flicked my face and most importantly, gave me that reassuring hug that everyone needs once in a while.
I'm sure I will treasure every single second that I have spent my yr10 days at Tempe in my heart and keep it there for as long as I live. 
Never forget.
All in all, I would just like to show my gratitudes towards all the fantastic students of Tempe High. You have truly shown me what true friendship and love is really like.  
I hope all the students do well in their future years of studies and make sure you aim as high as you can; no one can stop you from what you want to do. Remember, it's YOUR life. So set YOUR own goals and live YOUR own dreams.


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