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 Friday Afternoons = stress relief

Was meant to post this up yesterday but I was worn out so here it is now. 

mm.. It was week ONE of my 3wks of end of term 2 exams and I have to say...
I'm already sick of it all.. I mean who wouldn't be?
I woke up at 4am yesterday just to get some extra study done and it turned out that I didn't even need it..
Would've gotten an extra hour of sleep. *sighsss.
Anyways after the maths exam on Friday, Mish Liang, Catherine and I just left and went to have lunch at Hurstville as a form of celebration of getting out alive through our first week of evil test papers. hahahs.

The place was called Manmaruya and it's a nifty little Japanese noodle bar that's situated on the quieter side of Hurstville. Apparently it was opened just a few weeks ago so the interior was very new and funkyyyy ~loved it.
It's always very busy so the ambience was very good but when it's at peak hours (lunchtime), the tables tend to be cleaned after new customers come in.
Food was very reasonable priced and in BIGGG portions. Especially at lunch time.
I just love how they give awesome lunch deals.
Service was nice .. the waitress and waiter were very lenient and kind, but since they only have two people serving, when times get busy your service will be delayed (eg. when I asked for a spoon and it arrived around 5-10mins later).
mm also the place is very very small so it's not suited for big gatherings.

Overall, it's a neat little place for relaxing lunches with close friends.
Definitely will visit again, ANDD they give free ramen once you eat there for 10times.
Pretty funky huh?

Anyways I'm going back to writing my Legal report ~

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 meant to be studying..
HOLA! - I've been having a pretty bad week. So don't tick me off. (:
I've received all my notices for the upcoming exams ..
here they are... for the next 2 weeks, annie is going to be stuck in piles and piles of paperwork.
yay how fun.. = =;
Yes I am working very very hard.. I even read 57 pages of legal policy right after I woke up this morning! Then I kinda.. just.. went on youtube for an hour... and forgot about the whole thing...BUT nevermind about that for now. hahahs.
Anyways since Mish Liang's 16th was on Thursday and she's holding a party at city tomorrow night, I had to go out and grab her presents. Well.. we had people chipping in for her present .. so I guess the cost wasn't that big.. 
(some people still hasn't paid me, so I had to fork out like 100bux from my own wallet. *sad face)
Altogether we got her a skimpy skirt imported from japan and Marc Jacobs - Daisy.
I know you wanna see em.. so here they are!

mm .. I also grabbed myself a pair of new boots.. simply because I needed a pair of boots for the current winter season

God I love the queen. (:
Anyways, off to nerd 3U maths!


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 no more regrowth!
I just redyed my hair yesterday night.
Anyways.. yeah.. I got sick of my regrowths so ...I decided to dye my own hair again.
It was meant to be "golden brown" but it turned out a little lighter than golden brown..
but I'm pretty happy about it.

wadda you think? (:


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I went karaoke at GREENBOX today.
It's my 3rd time this wk. Once on Monday and another on Friday. :O
Not really.. because Sunday is counted as a new wk isn't it? hahahs

left: Mish.Liang right: Me

Anyways, exams are rushing in so I won't be able to go out or do anything for the next 3wks.
*sighhh.. so depressing..
mm I'm off to finish a chapter of Cambridge 3U Maths before heading off to bed. 

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