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You guys have requested for reviews. So here is a few of the many items I have purchased over the past few months!

Innisfree OLIVE Real Cleansing Oil (180 ml)

- This oil cleanser has a very thick consistency, a clear olive colour and has a rather strong floral soapy scent - therefore it does contain perfume/fragrance
- Product is dermatologically tested 
- Use with dry hands and emulsifies pretty well
- Cleans relatively well but would need a couple of more pumps to clean up heavier/waterproof makeup 
- I appreciate the fact that this oil cleanser contains freshly harvested organic olive oil so it's less harmful for the skin; as most other oil cleansers contain mainly mineral oil
- Purchased for US$17.30 so it's nicely priced for a cleansing oil that contains organic ingredients. 
- 7.5/10

Sana Extra Long Mascara (Black)

- Has an extremely small wand and doesn't clump, therefore it's useful for lower lashes
- But this mascara just merely coats the lash and does not lengthen my lashes at all so I was very disappointed
- Is waterproof but it does smudge a little after 3hrs, also it disappears completely after around 6hrs
- Purchased for US$16.30
- 4/10

Shu Uemura EYE LASH CURLER Eye Lash Curler (with one silicone refill pad)

- Curls lashes nicely
- Extremely curved for eyes that are shaped deeply, therefore wouldn't be as useful for Asian eye shapes as seen through the comparison photo with the Shiseido curler
- Priced AUD$45 in David Jones but purchased for US$15.80 on Sasa
- 7/10

Kose MEDICATED SEIKISHO Clear Lotion (150 ml)

- This toner has a jelly/watery texture, is colourless and a slight floral/herbal scent
- Is slightly acidic so is gentle on skin
- Packaged in a hard bottle with a small opening so the product doesn't come out very easily
- Very effective on acne prone skin because it helped clear up the acne on my forehead - with the help of a mixture of some other products of course, but this product became a part of the process
- Can be used as a treatment mask essence for oily/acne prone skin - just squirt some on cotton pads or clean sheet mask and leave on skin for 15mins
- Purchased for US$18.40
- 8.5/10

JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Vitamin C Cream (50 g)

- A very light clear gel type moisturiser but does leave skin sticky for a while after application so I use this at night before I go to bed
- Main moisturising component is hyaluronic acid which has anti ageing properties and increases the absorbency of water as it captures water particles from the air and locks it into our skin so therefore this cream gave me more bouncy and highly hydrated skin in the morning
- Contains vitamin C for a whitening effect but rather, it just brightens your skin up instead
- Really appreciate the fact that this contains no fragrance, colouring or mineral oil and a weak acidic formula so it is not harmful for the skin; great for sensitive skin types and any gender
- A little goes a long way (2 pearl sizes per application) so this lasted me around half a year with 1 application every night
- Purchased for US$15.50
- 8/10

NARUKO MARJORAM AND LAVENDER Classical Whitening Night Eye Gelly (30 

- Gel type eye cream so it is light, however it does sit on the skin for a while before it gets absorbed
- Claims to fight puffy and dark eyes, but I haven't seen much of an improvement relating to under eye circles or puffiness
- You do need a moisturiser formulated specifically for your eyes since the area of your under eyes does not contain fat, so you can get milia on that area if you use your regular moisturiser; this eye cream/gel is great in the moisturising department and will keep your under eye area well hydrated without causing any problems
- This has a slight herbal/lavender scent that is very calming 
- Comes with a little scoop for sanity reasons and the product is caged in a very sturdy glass jar, so the packaging is rather luxurious
- A little goes a long way definitely applies to this product - half a pea size for each eye; so this will last a very very long time
- Ingredients list: Phytoferulin®, Portulaca Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Filling Spheres, Botanical Oils Filling Spheres, Alga Extract, Solomon Oil, Matricaria Maritime, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide, Ellagic Acid Filling Spheres, Kojic Acid, French Lavender Extract, Botanical Essential Oils.
- Purchased for US$15.40
- 6/10

Koji SPRING HEART Long Lasting Eyeliner (Dark Brown)

- Comes with a smudger and sharpener attached at the end
- Twist styled pencil eyeliner
- Lasts for around/more than 6hrs when set with eyeshadow
- Very pigmented and easy to blend if needed - great for natural look
- Water resistant and doesn't smudge
- LOVE THIS! ESPECIALLY FOR THE QUALITY AND PRICE; Beats many high end eyeliners
- Purchased for US$6.60
- 9/10

K-PALETTE Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof (9 g)

- As shown in the pictures, you can get extremely think lines to relatively think lines
- Not very pigmented at times when not well shaken
- Colour is a deep black
- Can last for hours when set with an eye shadow
- Does not smudge until after around 6-8hrs
- Easy to remove; I use cleansing oil
- Does not last 24hr as claimed but does go well with 12-16hrs
- Purchased for US$14.10
- 8/10

That's about it for today! There's more but I think this post is long enough. *chuckles

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 USYD OPEN DAY 2! - sorry no photos
As you guys all know, I went to the USYD Open Day today. (:
This time, i went with my brother Peter, my childhood friend Zahav and my bubbi Benson. But along the way, we met up with "the boys" - (Syd Boys like to call each other that i guess?), Benson's school mates and hung with them.
There was track work at the western line today so it made it more difficult to get around. grr.
So I planned to meet Zahav at the station and Benson at the university. But instead, Peter slept in so Zahav, tired of waiting, walked from the station to my house and met up with us along the way.
On the bus and train towards the university, we met a lot of familiar faces. Like people from school and tutor etc. And one of them was Shirley from economics tutor.
When we finally reached the university, Benson arrived eventually and Zahav ran off with Shirley to a Speech Pathology lecture. Benson and I decided that speech pathology wasn't our thing so we just walked towards the Economics lecture. When we got there, Howard and "the boys" came and we just went in together.
They didn't tell me things that I already didn't know so it wasn't very interesting for me. Half way through the lecture, Everyone in the group walked out except for me, Howard and friend- Benson and Peter went to the aeronautical lecture for me because I was interested in it.
After the lecture finished, the friend walked off and Howard and I just went to buy food cause we were hungry. I ended up paying $25 for 3 crappy sandwiches and 2 bottles of water. The water wasn't even from Mt Franklins or anything - for Benson and Peter as well of course.
We walked to a bench under a big tree next to the law building and had lunch there... awkward moment.... and after we finished, we decided to go find Benson. Along the way, we bumped into Carl and Dennis? and made our way towards Subway. Seeing it was full of people, we walked to the opposite cafe and they ordered a toasted sandwich and a lasagne respectively. Those costed less than the shitty sandwich I had and I just complained to Howard about how we could've gotten better food....
Benson, at this time was still playing with the flight simulator with my brother... and then when a little more boys came, Benson finally turned up with my brother. And then even more boys came and Benson, Peter and I just went to Subway. And then Zahav came back to us and he took me to the toilet. (:
When I came back, all the boys already went to game at net cafe, and only Carl and Dennis? stayed behind to wait for Ren. But Ren had some problems with her parents letting her to come out so we decided to leave USYD and go to City. :S
We all then took the bus to Townhall, to check what "the boys" were were up to. They were still at the game cafe and because non of us wanted to game, we just went to watch a movie. I suggested "Horrible Bosses" and so we watched it. It was a hilarious movie, dirty jokes, but it was good. I felt as if it was sometimes overdone, but it still kept me relatively entertained... not really towards the end, but the beginning and middle was okay. I mean, Carl and Dennis? literally ROFL'd. Like.. literally rolled off their chairs and onto the floor.
After the movie, "the boys" including Benson had to attend Corny's Birthday party (HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!), so I took Zahav and Peter to dinner at Takeru.
Peter had a Ramen, I had an OmuSoba and Zahav, as white as he was, ordered a Spaghetti.
After dinner, we just went home because it was dark.
mm that was about it! Long and tiring day with lots of walking.
Didn't get much out of it (like always) and time passed so fast.
Sorry about not getting any photos though! My brother had my bag which had my camera in there so I didn't get to snap anything by the end of the day.
I'll be there too and hopefully be able to get more out of it than the USYD one.

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 It's been a while...
Sorry I've been neglecting you for a while.
It's just been so hectic for the past few week because of trials and the fact that I've started to tutor my brother since he's going to yr11 next yr... I never knew preparing tutor work was so time consuming! O x O;;
mm. I graduate in approximately a month. Last day of school is on the 20th of September and our graduation is on the 23rd. *sigh...
Gees.. time sure goes by fast. :S
Trials results come out in the following 2wks. Lets just hope I did alright. > x <;;
Now it's time to get all the uni applications, scholarships and stuff like that done.
Oh! And also cram for the actual HSC exam which starts in 2months time - 18th of October!

Future plans?
Well.. I'm going back to Hong Kong then China on the 5th of December! Can't wait to see my little cousins!
And buy lots and lots of things. Like.. stationery.. game consoles... books... and especially clothes for uni cause since I've been at school all this time, and we wear school uniform everyday, there was really no need to buy clothes. But that will all change in uni. *sighhhhhhhhhhhh gotta start saving up. ):
But yeah!
What else... Oh! I changed my hair!
Are you ready?!

Yeah.. I got my hair trimmed, new fringe and dyed it a darker colour.
Personally I kind of dislike my straight fringe so I'm gonna grow it out. Other than that, it's all good.

Also, Sydney Boys started their trials mid last week, so Benson's been studying very hard.
This means that I haven't been able to see him for a while.. and that I can't bug him, but to support him instead. And because I've finished my trials, I was able to help him with his studies here and there and it just feels very nice that I have the power to do so. :D
He finishes next week Tuesday. So.. it'll be a while. (:

mm.. That's it I guess!
I'll try to write more often from now on since all school assessments are finished!

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