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 It's been a while...
Sorry I've been neglecting you for a while.
It's just been so hectic for the past few week because of trials and the fact that I've started to tutor my brother since he's going to yr11 next yr... I never knew preparing tutor work was so time consuming! O x O;;
mm. I graduate in approximately a month. Last day of school is on the 20th of September and our graduation is on the 23rd. *sigh...
Gees.. time sure goes by fast. :S
Trials results come out in the following 2wks. Lets just hope I did alright. > x <;;
Now it's time to get all the uni applications, scholarships and stuff like that done.
Oh! And also cram for the actual HSC exam which starts in 2months time - 18th of October!

Future plans?
Well.. I'm going back to Hong Kong then China on the 5th of December! Can't wait to see my little cousins!
And buy lots and lots of things. Like.. stationery.. game consoles... books... and especially clothes for uni cause since I've been at school all this time, and we wear school uniform everyday, there was really no need to buy clothes. But that will all change in uni. *sighhhhhhhhhhhh gotta start saving up. ):
But yeah!
What else... Oh! I changed my hair!
Are you ready?!

Yeah.. I got my hair trimmed, new fringe and dyed it a darker colour.
Personally I kind of dislike my straight fringe so I'm gonna grow it out. Other than that, it's all good.

Also, Sydney Boys started their trials mid last week, so Benson's been studying very hard.
This means that I haven't been able to see him for a while.. and that I can't bug him, but to support him instead. And because I've finished my trials, I was able to help him with his studies here and there and it just feels very nice that I have the power to do so. :D
He finishes next week Tuesday. So.. it'll be a while. (:

mm.. That's it I guess!
I'll try to write more often from now on since all school assessments are finished!

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