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 Everyday we're stu-studyinggg
I went to the State Library of New South Wales with Benson today at 11am to study our a**es off.
Luckily, a lot of other people like Selina.J, Howard.T, Michelle.W and Michael.N were there so it made our hardcore study time more fun! (:

mm I got really hungry at around 4pm so we went to grab some food at Martin Place.
I guess the only place near the library was the food court and a maccas. So we ended up having the most romantic lunch! MACCASSSS! LOL Just joking - it's like a personal joke between Benson and I.
Anyways after we ate, we just went back to the library to study some more..
The whole day, I had to finish some ext2 maths trial papers and Benson was working on chemistry.
Yeah.. that was pretty much it.

We were meant to go watch Harry Potter prt2 at 3:30pm or 4:30pm at George St Event Cinemas, but didn't get the chance to because I insisted on finishing everything before I could leave the library.

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