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 Winter Nails
Since it's only the beginning of winter in Australia, I thought it would be relevant to talk about this today~
Recently I got a package from Rachel (raeview on youtube) and inside was a box of mini nail varnishes from Essie's 2011 Winter collection!

The first impression I got from these weren't very nice as the colors are slightly boring and the brush inside was very flimsy.
But now I am starting LOVE these!!!

Considering that these polishes come in mini forms (5mL), the brushes would also be small. So what I did was just use a larger nail brush and after doing so, it gives a great matte finish that's perfect for everyday wear - the color combo gives me a feeling of a white Christmas where you just snuggle up at home with the family and a mug full of hot chocolate in your hands.
They apply true to color and you will require around two coats but otherwise these polishes are not streaky.
With a top coat, you'll probably get 3-4days wear out of these babies without any chipping!!! (not too sure if you do strenuous housework but this counts for a generous everyday amount)

The colors in this box included:
Masquerade Belle: a dark crimson red

Silk Cord: a classic bright red

Hot Coco: a grey toned chocolate color (Favorite!)

Going Incognito: a very rich pine color

Since Essie used to be only purchasable from nail professionals, there is no wonder the quality is as such. Thank god they are now available for purchase at department stores in Australia like David Jones, cause I'm definitely going to grab myself some full sized ones - these retail for around AUD$10-$20each!

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