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 Chemistry Excursion
Went to University of Sydney today for a chemistry kickstart workshop.
We had to pay $25 to do some experiments linked to the 'monitoring and management' topic which were too expensive to perform at school. Usually schools would just assume the results and learn about the experiments via textbooks but it was nice that we were able to get a first hand experience.

The course actually got pushed back by an hour which I wasn't very happy about and so all our experiments were done sloppily due to the time constraint. This also meant that the instructors had to skip certain explanations and procedures in the experiments which wasn't preferable, Luckily they supplied us with a booklet which had most of the information inside and we were very time efficient and managed to not make any mistakes during our experiments therefore was able to finish the pracs before the 2hrs we had inside the lab.

Also the equipments they had were very traditional and dated and the lab coats they gave us had pen*ses drawn on the back. But other than that, there's not much to complain about.
The instructors were very casual and nice, some were a little more socially inept than others but it was all good.

Overall it was an okay experience, but poorly managed.

*I wasn't allowed to take photos within the lab (didn't have time to anyways), but the school of chemistry wasn't anything spectacular so yeah.

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