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Today we had our annual school Walkathon, a day where yr12s get to set up our own stalls and sell goodies while the other years ask for sponsors and then walk to a beach at San Souci (10km)! This is a tradition of St Georgians and the money fundraised is used improve certain things around the school, decided by the SRC group.

Usually we would set up our stalls at the park near the beach but since the past few days have had such bad weather, the school decided today was going to be rainy as well so they made us set up at school and get the girls to walk back to school from the beach instead. But guess what. TODAY WAS A PERFECTLY SUNNY DAY! )):
But then again.. I guess it's better in a way that we don't have to move the tables back and forth by car and stuff so it was all good.

Our stalls were reviewed by the prefects and they included fun activities like nail art, tattooing, jump castles etc. As well as yummy food and drink stalls with pizza, cookies, Korean rice cakes, soft drinks, easy way and such! Our stall consisted of both food and drink! We were lucky enough to get sponsored by Baker's Delight (Rockdale) and Gloria Jeans (Rockdale) and were able to sell yummy freshly baked bread and refreshingly tasty Italian Soda! Our group consisted of 8 people including: Mish Lu, Mish Liang, Catherine.Z, Liza.W, Vicki.T, FiTao, Ellen.C and I! While the two Mishes were in charge of collecting the money, Catherine, Liza, Vicki and Fitao were responsible for the bread selling. That leaves Ellen and I with the job of making the awesome Italian Soda! :9

The Italian soda was a great success and with the meal deals, we were able to sell out super fast! In fact we finished like three hours in advance! :D
There was a profit of a total of over $150 and so we finished the day early with a few photos and headed to Liza's apartment to watch White Chicks!

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