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 package from lisa.
a little package arrived today in the mail ! :D
it was a package all the way from Canada sent by Lisa (a beauty guru on youtube) and i just couldn't wait to open it. heheh.
and BAM! it turn out to be the Balmbini palette from The Balm.
Lisa also left a note with the package and her handwriting is just so adorable!

I love the packaging of this palette! It's made out of cardboard but you can tell that it's very sturdy.
The packaging's very similar to the ones of 'Benefit'.
The palette comes along with all the "babies" of the most popular items from the balm including 2 blushes (in Downboy and HotMama), 1 highlighter (in Mary-Lou Manizer), 2 eyeshadows (in Insane Jane and Jealous Jordana), 1 lipstick (in Wanted) and 1 special edition gloss.
My favourite would have to be the the blusher in Downboy.
It's such a wearable matte blush that I believe would suit most light to medium skin tones.
Everything in the palette has really decent pigmentation and the powders are very fine.
And if anyone is looking for a dupe for Nars Orgasm, Hot Mama from The Balm would do just fine.
What is also good about this face palette is that it is formulated, FREE OF: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. So you know you're not harming your skin!
However, I wasn't very pleased (you can say I was disappointed) with the Special Edition gloss as it appears to be of a muted coral beige in the package but is actually clear when swatched or applied to the lips.

- this palette retails for around US$30 (you can get it at sephora for $28)

anyways about my day..
mm I just went to school. nothing really happened there.
but one thing is that it's been super hot.
like.. hottest week in 150yrs and it's going to get hotter throughout the week.
not good... and what made it even worse was that I caught a cold.. in this 40'C heat!

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