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I went to The Tea Room with my childhood friend Zahav (We have known each other for nearly 10yrs! Can you imagine that !?) @ Townhall QVB lvl 3 for High Tea Today.
Upon entry, the lady at the reception gave us a funny look which seemed like we were lost or something. But we told her we wanted a seat to have some tea, and she asked us, "you do know it's $37 each right?". We looked at each other and chuckled. Yes $37AUD is quite alright with us. So she took us in the Tea Room and helped us with the chairs and placed the napkin onto our laps. A man then came to us for the order and we chose the Traditional Afternoon Tea which comes with "A set selection of cakes and pastries, finger sandwiches, scones and preserve, tea or coffee".

While we waited for our food and tea, we both examined the room and figured out why the reception lady looked at us funny. The whole room was filled with classy ladies and gentlemen eating and chatting away and we were merely, just two teenagers looking for a place to drink tea. Also I found my Maths teacher sitting on a table socialising with more well educated others.
The food and tea was very well presented, tasted decent but I wouldn't say was worth anything near forty dollars. But then again, nothing in the QVB is worth that money.
The place had a very nice atmosphere where I was able to catch up with Zahav on little bits and pieces. But we both knew that we won't be coming back here until the next time where he has the urge to drink some "fancy tea" again. *chuckles

The Tea Room QVB
Lvl 3 North End,
Queen Victoria Building
455 George St Sydney
Ph: 02 9283 7279
Website: https://www.thetearoom.com.au/

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