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yeah.. sad...
This means I won't be able to celebrate my birthday on Saturday since 4U is on the following Monday. grrrrr
why couldn't they just fit my whole exam schedule on the first week !?? T ~ T;

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 6+yrs of mystery!? solved.
The mystery of purple esters has been solved by our proud chemistry class taught by Ms Whitehead (5CH1) today on the 9/2/2011!!
The story behind this is that, ever since my teacher started teaching at St George Girls High School, certain groups have gotten purple products during our ester practicals (as a part of the acidic environment topic in chemistry). But this year, we have decided to control our experiments as real student chemists. We did this by setting certain groups with different variables which the teachers of the science staffroom have come up with.
These variables include:
- dirty boiling chips (everyone in our class was given brand new boiling chips except one group who were using the old boiling chips)
- the level of heat placed upon the reactants (certain groups had to put the bunsen burner to the side of the water bath away from the pear shaped flasks while others were placed directly under the pear shaped flask - with the water bath of course)
- the amount of sulfuric acid (conc) as a catalyst (some groups added a few drop while others followed the usual 1mL input)

In the end, everyone had clear esters except for one group!
And it was....
The group with the heat directly under the experiment!
Their ester had turned, deep red then purple!
And our teacher was very proud that her hypothesis was correct *giggles
but yeah.
In conclusion, too much heat placed upon the reactants would result in the burning of the alkanoic acids and alkanols and thus causes the products to turn purple!


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package arrived from AllCosmeticsWholesale today!
I couldn't wait to open it! heheh.
Inside are a number of items mostly from MAC and added up to a total of US$115.95 (incl. priority shipping - yes i had to pay for shipping from the US to Australia so keep that in mind when considering the total price of the products!)

1. MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze. 
10g/.35 us oz. (rrp. AU$29/US$23, acw. US$19.99)
It's a soft medium bronze with slight golden shimmers that are really unnoticeable once applied. Perfect for summer days at the beach or a glow me up/slim down face type of look!

2.MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC25.
12g/.42 us oz. (rrp. AU$44/US$23, acw. US$21.99)
It's very finely pressed and silky. Matches my skin tone perfectly as it is very sheer.
Controls oil relatively well (it's summer here and it's kept my makeup pretty fresh throughout the day)
Comes with its own suede finish sponge (but I'd suggest applying this with a large fluffy brush)

3. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (SPF15) in NC30.
30mL/1.o us oz. (rrp. $AU49/$US26.5 acw. $25.99)
Medium to full coverage and long lasting!!! I'm usually a NC25 but because it's summer, I chose a darker shade since I know I'm going tan a bit. It's rather light for a full coverage foundation and has a matte finish as well as being oil free!

4. SMASHBOX Brow Tech Quad
.15g/.005 us oz each (rrp. US$20-24 acw. US$6.5)
Contains a variety of colours including Brunette, Taupe, Blonde and also brow wax with applicator and mirror so it's very versatile and would suit anyone. Powder is very smooth and the mirror magnifies the face so you can draw your eyebrows on with ease. However, the product itself is very small (the size of a credit card) but is very sleek and handy. 

4. BENEFIT Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Sippin' N Dippin'
4.5g/.16 us oz each (rrp. US$19 acw. US$12.99)
I LOVE THISSSS ! It's Creaseproof and Smudgeproof. Super creamy which makes it easy to blend. The packaging is in a super cute glass jar but best of all, I am absolutely in love with the colour. It's a pearly pink coral colour with a gold sheen. It's just incredibleeeeee! Perfect for summer if you layer it on or as a sheer base colour for that pop on the lids! Must get backups of this!

5&6. DUO adhesive & Lancome Le Lipstique Lipcoloring Stick in Mauvelle(gift)
The duo adhesive (full size 14g/.5 us oz) was bought especially for falsies as it's supposedly the best eyelash glue known for it's amazing staying power. Unfortunately it's really hard to find this in Australia and can only be purchased from MAC stores for AU$16 which I reckon is very hefty for eyelash glue. So I got the full size of this from ACW for US$8 I believe. The lip liner came with the purchase as a free gift from ACW! It's a very deep mauvy red, which I think I'm just going to give to my mum. It's very creamy when applies and does not smudge whatsoever when dried! It just won't budge no matter how hard I rub this on my hand! It's a full size of 1.2g/0.04 us oz and comes with a lip brush on the other end! - (rrp. US$24.5 acw. US$6.99)

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I survived the first week of school !
went to have lunch with Benson in the afternoon and watched black swan as a reward!

It was creepyyyy, not something I'd watch again.

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I officially dropped down to 10Units today with a sad byebye to Ms Dooner and her French Class.
She tried so hard to convince me to stay. Saying that "only 1 girl got band 5 last yr with the rest all on band 6s" but the truth is, I just can't manage to waste anymore of my time on extra units. The main reason is that extII maths is very demanding and I just can't afford to keep extra units which are apparently my "safety nets", whereby in reality is what's actually pulling me down and draining me out.
But it was a very emotional moment for us both. She's just such a sweet teacher! )))):

But yeah.. Now I have to do well in all my subjects because they will all count!
Hope I don't regret this decision later on though.

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 package from lisa.
a little package arrived today in the mail ! :D
it was a package all the way from Canada sent by Lisa (a beauty guru on youtube) and i just couldn't wait to open it. heheh.
and BAM! it turn out to be the Balmbini palette from The Balm.
Lisa also left a note with the package and her handwriting is just so adorable!

I love the packaging of this palette! It's made out of cardboard but you can tell that it's very sturdy.
The packaging's very similar to the ones of 'Benefit'.
The palette comes along with all the "babies" of the most popular items from the balm including 2 blushes (in Downboy and HotMama), 1 highlighter (in Mary-Lou Manizer), 2 eyeshadows (in Insane Jane and Jealous Jordana), 1 lipstick (in Wanted) and 1 special edition gloss.
My favourite would have to be the the blusher in Downboy.
It's such a wearable matte blush that I believe would suit most light to medium skin tones.
Everything in the palette has really decent pigmentation and the powders are very fine.
And if anyone is looking for a dupe for Nars Orgasm, Hot Mama from The Balm would do just fine.
What is also good about this face palette is that it is formulated, FREE OF: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. So you know you're not harming your skin!
However, I wasn't very pleased (you can say I was disappointed) with the Special Edition gloss as it appears to be of a muted coral beige in the package but is actually clear when swatched or applied to the lips.

- this palette retails for around US$30 (you can get it at sephora for $28)

anyways about my day..
mm I just went to school. nothing really happened there.
but one thing is that it's been super hot.
like.. hottest week in 150yrs and it's going to get hotter throughout the week.
not good... and what made it even worse was that I caught a cold.. in this 40'C heat!

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