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Today was the first day screening of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D and I went to watch it at Event Cinema in Townhall with Conan junkie after school. Haven't seen him in a year so I guess it was kinda like a reunion for us?
mm anyways onto the movie.
first thing's first. ROSIE HUNTINGTON'S BODY IS SOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTT!!!!! The 3D effect made it even more alluring. (:
Overall the movie managed to captivate me and surprisingly kept me awake; even though half of that was because Conan kept throwing popcorns on me throughout the movie.
But yeah. it had an enough amount action, sexy cars that I'd never be able to afford and with a touch of a sexy Victoria Secrets' model.
It kept me on my seat. And i believe it will keep you rather entertained for two and a half hours too.

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My mum's currently on the phone with her mum and they're talking about my aunt's newborn baby boy!
He was born in Hong Kong at around 9am this (I mean yesterday) morning through Cesarean Section weighing nearly 4kg! and apparently is very healthy and in great condition. (:
AND GUESS WHAT!? I HAVE THE HONORS OF NAMING HIM! :D (got any suggestions guys?)
He's going to be their third and final son meaning that I'm still the only girl in my mum's side of the family.

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 Chemistry Exam
Marks: 25
Weighting: 30%
Time allowed: 35mins
Date: Thursday 23rd June 2011

yeah I know what you're thinking.
&^$%*&(^%$%^&(*^%*$ !!!!

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 Lucky Ducky
I found this on my bedroom door after I finished Chemistry tutor today.

Now I'm can't stop smiling to myself like an idiot.
The little things you do that make me feel like the luckiest duck in the world. 
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 Smart Cookie
On Friday, Sophia from our maths class signed out and is leaving for Stanford University in California, US. It's not surprising that she made it in as she is smart to the max! I mean she was even specially invited to a university in China at the beginning of last year, and came back half way through the year with a new maths degree. Talk about obtaining stack loads qualifications early!

Our maths teacher organised a farewell party where she baked us an apple pie and especially brought in some unwaxed apples fresh from the farm of a friend! She was saying how much better it was better for us and that we didn't have to eat the pie if we didn't want to but she'll just feel very sad about it. 
She's so nice and sweet to us! *dies
There were a lot of giggles and during the party, Miss started talking about her past and it was extremely interesting. Not many people would have gone through what she has in her lifetime. But due to privacy matters, I can't talk about the events here.

The party ended with well used paper plates and a few photographs here and there. OH! and a Mechanics solution on the board written by yours truly. LOL!
But yeah. All in all, I wish this smart cookie all the best and it's fantastic that she doesn't have to go through the HSC anymore. hahahs. 

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 Winter Nails
Since it's only the beginning of winter in Australia, I thought it would be relevant to talk about this today~
Recently I got a package from Rachel (raeview on youtube) and inside was a box of mini nail varnishes from Essie's 2011 Winter collection!

The first impression I got from these weren't very nice as the colors are slightly boring and the brush inside was very flimsy.
But now I am starting LOVE these!!!

Considering that these polishes come in mini forms (5mL), the brushes would also be small. So what I did was just use a larger nail brush and after doing so, it gives a great matte finish that's perfect for everyday wear - the color combo gives me a feeling of a white Christmas where you just snuggle up at home with the family and a mug full of hot chocolate in your hands.
They apply true to color and you will require around two coats but otherwise these polishes are not streaky.
With a top coat, you'll probably get 3-4days wear out of these babies without any chipping!!! (not too sure if you do strenuous housework but this counts for a generous everyday amount)

The colors in this box included:
Masquerade Belle: a dark crimson red

Silk Cord: a classic bright red

Hot Coco: a grey toned chocolate color (Favorite!)

Going Incognito: a very rich pine color

Since Essie used to be only purchasable from nail professionals, there is no wonder the quality is as such. Thank god they are now available for purchase at department stores in Australia like David Jones, cause I'm definitely going to grab myself some full sized ones - these retail for around AUD$10-$20each!

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 new favourite: sheet masks
I've recently joined the Asian sheet mask craze with a massive order of My Beauty Diary masks from Sasa.

Official My Beauty Diary Website
From: My Beauty Diary Mask.com
My Beauty Diary Masks are face masks which originates from Taiwan. My Beauty Diary is very popular in Asia as My Beauty Diary Masks are suitable for Asian skins, made of natural ingredients, proven effective and most of all, they are affordable! Even Taiwanese actresses, Big 'S' (Da S also known as Barbie Hsu) and Small 'S' (Xiao S also known as Dee Hsu) recommend the masks.
The masks itself has really nice scents but can sometimes be a little over powering.
Also what is great about them is that the mask stays on while you either try to read or watch tv because the essence is not too runny but does stay moist for as long as an hour or more.
The shape of the mask fits the face perfectly and yes there would be excess essence inside the packet where you can rub on your hands or where ever you desire.
I usually just use them once a week when I can be bothered/remember to but they do make a very nice treat!
Overall they are decent masks and gives an instant effect that goes away after a day or so. - definitely not comparable with SKII masks though! BUT are great quality masks at their price (US$1-2each or a box of 10 for around US$12-$13)
But be warned, some people have been prone to break out from these masks and there are sellers out there who offer fake ones - yeah I know, stupid but true.
Also note that different colors or ingredients give different effects such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, acne care etc.
If anyone wants specific reviews on any of the packets shown, just say so!

ALSO they have recently came out with a new range of sheet masks which are a little more expensive but are said to be for the better! (a box of 5 for US$8-9)
I have purchased the new range in Tulip and will try that out after I finish my current ones!

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 late night ramble: need new phone
Recently my dad asked me if I wanted an Iphone4, but since I dislike apple products I said no.
But then like a week later, he managed to grab himself one and thinks he's like top sh*t because to him, it's just cool to have one.
After that, he also upgraded my mum's phone into a HTC Desire HD, the phone that I was looking into buying.
And now, because I've had the LG Renoir for about 3yrs, it's wearing down and dying on me.. (battery life is drained super fast - yes I have purchased numerous batteries, screen is screwing up, certain functions not working, lags like a bitch.. the list goes on. Bascially I can't do anything other than text or call).. and I've realised that the amount of money I have wasted on fixing this phone in order for it to even function was enough to buy me a new one.

* sigh... depressing.
I need a new phone. 

- next time when offered a free new phone from parents: just take it
- never buy LG phones ever again

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 Chemistry Excursion
Went to University of Sydney today for a chemistry kickstart workshop.
We had to pay $25 to do some experiments linked to the 'monitoring and management' topic which were too expensive to perform at school. Usually schools would just assume the results and learn about the experiments via textbooks but it was nice that we were able to get a first hand experience.

The course actually got pushed back by an hour which I wasn't very happy about and so all our experiments were done sloppily due to the time constraint. This also meant that the instructors had to skip certain explanations and procedures in the experiments which wasn't preferable, Luckily they supplied us with a booklet which had most of the information inside and we were very time efficient and managed to not make any mistakes during our experiments therefore was able to finish the pracs before the 2hrs we had inside the lab.

Also the equipments they had were very traditional and dated and the lab coats they gave us had pen*ses drawn on the back. But other than that, there's not much to complain about.
The instructors were very casual and nice, some were a little more socially inept than others but it was all good.

Overall it was an okay experience, but poorly managed.

*I wasn't allowed to take photos within the lab (didn't have time to anyways), but the school of chemistry wasn't anything spectacular so yeah.

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