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 Smart Cookie
On Friday, Sophia from our maths class signed out and is leaving for Stanford University in California, US. It's not surprising that she made it in as she is smart to the max! I mean she was even specially invited to a university in China at the beginning of last year, and came back half way through the year with a new maths degree. Talk about obtaining stack loads qualifications early!

Our maths teacher organised a farewell party where she baked us an apple pie and especially brought in some unwaxed apples fresh from the farm of a friend! She was saying how much better it was better for us and that we didn't have to eat the pie if we didn't want to but she'll just feel very sad about it. 
She's so nice and sweet to us! *dies
There were a lot of giggles and during the party, Miss started talking about her past and it was extremely interesting. Not many people would have gone through what she has in her lifetime. But due to privacy matters, I can't talk about the events here.

The party ended with well used paper plates and a few photographs here and there. OH! and a Mechanics solution on the board written by yours truly. LOL!
But yeah. All in all, I wish this smart cookie all the best and it's fantastic that she doesn't have to go through the HSC anymore. hahahs. 

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