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 2011 school dance
TECHCON 2011: the annual school dance with St George Girls and Sydney Tech
Us yr12s were allowed to dress up with the theme of "Movie Characters" and our group did Geishas. Other groups included Playboys, Babies, Prisoners of BOS, Disney Princesses, Anime Characters, Mario Brothers ..etc.
mm Overall I wasn't impressed. At All. We were not allowed to take drinks in and when the little canteen place ran out of change, they just closed the store with me holding a $10 note. And this was not even half way through the night! Just imagine how thirsty everyone got afterwards. =.=;
The music was awful as well.. and it was very humid inside the centre...it was just ... bad. ):
But I still managed to enjoy my time with friends so yeah.
Not really worth 10bucks if you ask me. :S

photos from the night:

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