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I had 4U tutor this morning from 9:30 - 1130am but it went over time by an hour so ended up finishing at 12:30pm. Once I walked outside, Benson surprisingly was waiting for me the whole time in the sun. He then dragged me towards the station but i said "my house is on the other way". He was like "yeah I know, we're taking a detour" and kept walking with a cheeky smile on his face. On the train, he just kept complaining about how he had absorbed enough vitamin D for his whole lifetime as a way to stop me from asking where he was taking me.

But in the end, we arrived at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
We first went straight to the atm as i didn't expect to come here and so had no cash on me.
Then we went to have lunch! It was the crappiest and most expensive food i've ever eaten! It was extremely gross.. all burnt and oily and poorly presented. This was because the place had bad time management and there were a lot of people buying food. Like seriously! A packet of small chips was $6!! and a bottle of water was $4! even the atm surcharge was $3. =.=;

After that, we then bought coupons to go on the swing ride. Let me see.. $1 per coupon and a ride was like 6-7 coupons each... *cries
But it was still fun as I have liked this ride ever since i was little

We then headed for the animal displays and then found the lumberjack show.
And then we went to the game stalls in hopes of winning some big toys. But after wasting like $60, we ended up with a small Toad from Mario Bros. I gave it to Benson as I already have a lot of plushies and one more isn't gonna make a difference.

After that we just walked around and found the more "adult" rides and went on the ultra high swing! This time it was a 2 seater so Benson and I could sit next to each other. We went up so high that i ended up squeezing his hand very very tight. And then it swung around really fast.. and i screamed.
mm.. We walked around a bit more and then just left for home.
We were both very tired and our wallets were nearly empty. *sigh.
But still... the ride on the swing had made a deep impression on Benson as he has never been on it before and it is now one of his favourite rides as it enables him to hold my hand while going high up into the sky.

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