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 Officially enrolled
I went to UNSW (University of New South Wales) this morning with Zahav, Angela, Benson, Irene, Roger, Maria and Mabel to collect our UNSW student cards. Benson and Angela was late so Zahav and I headed to Gloria Jeans for some iced coffee (since it was superrrr hot) before meeting up at eddy avenue bus stop!
When we arrived at UNSW, we had to walk a longgggg way up in the sun before reaching the office and was then redirected to the library. Once we entered the library, we were offered freebies by a guy and of course we took them! Inside were some pamphlets, a 2Gb USB and a cute highlighter wheely thing! (:
We all took turns to take our Uni Student Card photo and it turned out that because the lighting was so bad, everyone basically looked horrendous in their photo; especially the ones of Benson and Zahav's.

After leaving the uni, I headed to Sushi Hotaru under Kinokuniya (in the Galeries) with Angela n Zahav while the others went to Chat Thai downstairs in food court. The food there was mediocre and the space for the tables and seating were tiny, but since they had a deal where it was $3 a plate for any sushi train dish, we were okay with what we got.

Were rushed to eat so wasn't able to take pictures of food. This is a photo Angela took with her phone

Once we finished our food, Angela, Benson, Zahav and I left the others and went shopping. We didn't end up buying anything but had a nice drink at T2 - they mixed their Green Rose with some ice, rose petals, berries and passionfruit and it was DELICIOUSLY YUMMY! - should try it at home.
Oh and angela and zahav also got their hands moisturised at the LUSH store. (:
Then we went to starbucks in hopes of finding an air conditioned place to chill since we were just sweating nonstop in the summer heat, but people who weren't even drinking were bagging the seats so we walked out and went to Secret cafe.
We sat down on the outside tables and lounge and we each ordered a drink: me-affogato, Benson-peach iced tea, Zahav-strawberry milk shake, Angela-spring water and played big 2 and poker together.
Benson somehow tried to make the game more exciting by deciding who the winner was with the person who ended up with the most chips from poker set. Benson won the whole game of big 2, Angela left for home and then I played poker for the first time in my life and won every game! YAY!

Then we played a couple of games of pool and headed to Mappen across the road for dinner: udon, tempura and seaweed all under 10bux, hell yeah!

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Hey guys!
So uni offers came out last night and everyone (anyone that got into UNSW) was basically scurrying to get their timetables done. Most of us were up until 3am mixing and matching ours since the time slots were filling up really fast. lols
Anyways here's mine:

I'll be back to talk soon. Everything is just too hectic right now.


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So venerable asked me for the third time to see if I wanted to teach at the tuition classes at monastery again..
Should I? Or should I not? 
Also.. I'm thinking about starting a humble little beauty channel on Youtube for the fun of it.
Should I? Or should I not? 

You see, this is what happens when I have too much time in my hands. ):
I even tried to paint for the first time in 3yrs... don't judge me. I'm just an amateur. I promise I'll try to improve! You know what, I should also grab myself a tablet so I don't have to draw on paper or canvases... but then again, maybe not... because the traditional way is more fun even though it's messy..

yeah.. this took me an hour or two and I have no idea where I got the inspiration from so don't ask. I guess it's a pretty common theme though.. the sky and trees.. it's pretty much overdone so not much to say about that.

mm..I should really go do something productive..
Well first thing's first: Must get my P's so that I can get around easier.
And I'm still waiting for replies from UNSW or USYD!
This is making me anxious..

Oh! Did I mention that my dad and brothers have arrived in Australia with their goodies? They landed at 9pm on the 12/01.
So finally I can start putting together the photos for my China journal. yayyyyy~
Anyways, I'm off for a nap!

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 Sky High/Pretty Pictures
Now. Before you start throwing bananas at me for updating so slowly, I'd like to apologise with these pretty pictures I took of the sky on my way back from China.

Anddd because my brothers are still in HK, all my stuff has not arrived yet so I can't really do a haul. ):
mm what else..?
I've been so bored lately, that I've started to shop online again.. it's just so addictive because the prices are so much more reasonable than instore retail prices.. but it's still draining from my wallet so I really need to go and start on a tutoring job or something. *sigh.. I have tried. Really I have. ): - Job hunting I mean.
Benson and I have been on the net looking for a worthwhile job all night; because we seriously just cannot stand the 3 months of nothingness anymore. Hopefully the employers will reply with a big smile and an "okay you're in" but that is all we can do really.. I know what you're thinking though. Most people would die for such a long holiday, and you might as well enjoy your life now before uni starts and you start complaining about how hard your life is again, but seriously, when you just end up sleeping at home most of the time, you literally turn into a slug - "use it or you lose it". And instead, most people are out there, making the most out of their days.. and it's actually true when teachers tell us to (don't hurt me) "seize the day".. or else it's really gonna be gone in a split second.
I know I sound a little pessimistic about things but hey, it is 6am in the morning, and I haven't gotten a wink of sleep.. since I have nothing to do all the time, my sleeping pattern's been screwed over also.

Anyways I'm half way through the novel I recently bought in Hong Kong; as I was in a rampage for a good read on the boring subway rides- One Day by David Nicholls. So far, I like it. You can say that I'm kinda biased towards this book as Anne Hathaway is in the film, but really, deep inside I like the content because I can kinda relate - 2 people, a post graduation night and then you get a glimpse of the same day for the next 20yrs. It's not a challenging type of book so I think most people could just sit back and enjoy the issues that happen to many of us after we graduate - the booze, new friends, work, growing up.. all that good/nasty stuff.
Some people might also find it annoying as it becomes extremely cliche at times - but hey, it's all part of the experience right? For post-HSC'ers you might like to grab it and have a read sometimes. Just a warning though, it may seem a little "girly" at times - even though it's written by a dude.

Oh! Another thing. Did I tell you guys that Benson is back from China?
Yeah.. I had to pick him up from the airport at 9am on Friday and I also didn't sleep that night either so I was literally like a zombie at the airport.
But with that aside, since he's back, he's been planning more dates so we could see each other since he feels that we are more "distant" now. I don't think so, but he's just still a little ifty from his trip - cute right? hahahs.
Anyways. I'll leave you guys with our luvo and a picture of the harbour I took, now yesterday before I head to bed.

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