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 Boxing Day Sale + Les Miserables
Went to buy Bath bombs and soaps from Lush (50% off), a necklace + earrings set from Swarovski (50% off) and a 30mL bottle of the original DKNY Be Delicious ($30).
Then watched Les Miserables at Event Cinema on a discounted price of $12!
The Movie was awesome! As one of my favourite stories of all time, Anne Hathaway did an amazing job as Fantine. But one thing I hated was the camera movements when there were multiple people singing. It was moving from one person to another way too fast and confused the heck out of my eyes.
Anyways, overall it was a great film, and the first Les Mis remake to make me cry.

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 Swimming @ Hurstville Pool + Brighton Le Sands
Okay so I disappeared for 3 months.. though only because all I've been doing is working so there's nothing really to write about. :S

But anyways, so today I drove out at 1pm and got Maccas (drive through) before I met up with Benson.
We then took Benson's car and went to Hurstville Aquatic Centre with water guns!
Stayed there till 4pm, raced each other and splashed water etc - Benson bumped his head on the wall cause he couldn't see where he was going while doing the breaststroke. Funny right? Now he has a massive bump on his forehead!
It was quite nice to have very few people in the pool since it was school time. Also, it was an indoor pool so it was nicely covered. I do appreciate not getting burnt when going swimming. (:

After that, we cleaned up and set off to Brighton Le Sands for lunch.
We walked up to Bondi Pizza, but turned out they open at 5pm so since we had some time to spare, we took a stroll along the beach.
Brighton Le Sands is considered one of my favourite beaches in Sydney since it has a nice view of planes setting off from the airport, there's never many people here so I can have the massive beach all to myself and it's super clean with white sand. Though there are no lifeguards here so if you're planning to swim/surf here, I wouldn't recommend it.

- images -

After our stroll, we went back to Bondi Pizza and took our seats in the very comfy booth then took our order with the very accommodating staff.
We ordered a Chilli Prawn with Spicy Mayo and Thin Toast for entree and a Meat Supreme Pizza for Mains. Yummmm. And don't forget about the Lemon Lime Bitters!

- image -

The food was fantastic and came at a price tag of around $40 altogether. Though in terms of serving size, you're looking at $25 for a fairly small woodfire pizza with 6 slices.

After that, we were too tired so we just went home.

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