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So I went with Katharine.L to IMATS (SYD) today - we paid AUD$30 each for our tickets. We got to the exhibition centre at Darling Harbour at around 12:30pm and left at 3:30pm.

This year the known stores like MAC PRO, INGLOT, MAKE UP FOREVER (MUFE), ILLAMASQUA, NAPOLEON PERDIS and BEN NYE were there.
I manage to only pick up some stuff from Crown Brushes, Inglot and MUFE since most of the stores were full of people and that I didn't need much things since I'm no professional. I saw some people spending over AUD$600 in one counter and I went wide eyed. I know you can be a professional, but do you really need all that makeup? Since they do have expiry dates and all.. :S
Also the Illamasqua counter was very disappointing since I was planning to purchase some stuff there but all they had was a small table of leftovers... that was like 1/500 of their actual collection ):

Some of the stuff I bought are:

Inglot Shadows and Blush:

Overall: The colors 393 and 407 are both pearls whereas 65 and 480 have a lot of silver glitters in them in the pan but does not transfer very much when applied.
All the shadows are extremely pigmented with the exception of 65; I think the black could go a little darker.
Very smooth and they are not powdery.
The blush in 29 is very rich in color and is a matte peachy pink blush leaning more towards the peachy side. Looks extremely natural when applied with a soft hand and is buildable.

393: This is a champagne pearl with a peachy undertone (compared to the other champagne pearls from Inglot) and I love to use this color as an overall highlight. Very versatile.
407: I love to use peachy/copper colors as an all over eye shadow because they give a very sweet yet natural look so I just had to get this color. Perfect when layered on top of my benefit creaseless cream shadow in sippin'n'dippin.
65: I was kind of disappointed with this one as it wasn't as dark as I expected but it will do for a smoky eye look with a little glitter. Looks a lot more lighter than in the pan.
480: Beautiful aqua color with silver sparkles - I had to buy this to match my formal dress.

MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder:

This powder says what it does and keeps my oil at bay all day! I bought the color in 12 which is transparent (I am around an NC25 and my skin is combination - oily) and does not look cakey at all when applied properly with a light hand as it is very finely milled. Does not break me out which is a bonus!

Crown Brushes:

I LOVE THESE BRUSHES! They are super soft and sturdy and does not shed at all when I wash them!
Highly recommended!

Also I managed to meet Purse Buzz and Napoleon Perdis himself.
There were also some shows and people were being transformed for the contest which was pretty cool.
Overall it was a good experience but I'm still reconsidering about re-attending next year.

After we left the exhibition centre, we went to have lunch at Takeru where Benson turned up after we finished our food and then the weather got really awful rained on us, so we headed towards QVB Townhall where we ventured into Lush and bought some bath bombs.

And then I brought Katharine to the Pitt St Westfields while Benson went around to buy new leather shoes and we walked around until Katharine had to go home and then I met up with Benson again to go to Bryan.D's 18th birthday dinner at Wagaya.

After dinner, we went to have dessert at Meet Fresh and then I headed home!

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 class of 2011
Year 12 2011 of St George Girls graduated today!
Ms Whitehead (our year adviser and my chemistry teacher) gave a very funny yet emotional speech. She mentioned some life quotes relating to birds and how they tell us that our world is like an oyster shell. She said this is because oyster shells are easy to open so we can get pearls out of them. But then she contradicted this  with facts about how there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance that we'll ever naturally find a pearl in an oyster shell and that there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that we'll ever get a pearl the size and shape we consider to be valuable. So basically we're telling our kids to dedicate their lives into opening oyster shells for an empty promise. And then she moved on to joking about going to a friend's graduation and not understanding a word of his professor's analogy of life. So she made her own analogy: think of life as a road trip (because she often goes on road trips). Right now, at St George, it's like we're at a car dealership, getting ready to choose our cars for our long trip to the horizon. Some of us will choose Ferraris cause we wanna get to the horizon as quickly as possible, some will choose a laid back van cause we wanna stop and smell the flowers along the way and some will choose Rolls Royce cause we wanna travel in style and be noticed by everyone we past. And during our road trip on the high way, we'll meet some problems like running off into the wrong roads, or the car might break down, and during those moments, we would just have to stop, and think about our situation before bravely reversing and turning back into the main highway. The people in the hall - our parents and friends will guide us and act like the NRMA or RTA people. Whereas Miss Whitehead, will become the little bird who'll fly beside our windows and when we look out, we'll think to ourselves "hey that's the same little bird I saw 20kms back".. and as we keep driving along, we'll eventually not recognise that same little bird... and then Miss said that, however, we should all remember that she'll always be there to watch over us when we burst a tires or run into dead ends etcetc  - at this point Miss bursted out into tears, I cried and so did everyone else. So yeah.. After that everyone got their graduation portfolios and Celia and Winnie gave a brilliant piano performance.

getting my graduation portfolio from the principle

Afterwards, we had a Garden Party with our parents and teachers where we took our last photos in school uniform and my parents and Peter (my brother) bought me a big teddy and a bouquet of flowers.
Vicki also made us cookies!

With Family: 

With Buddies:

The day ended with hugs and kisses, and everyone headed off with either friends for a girls night out, or like me, went with their parents for a nice family dinner.

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 bubbi's graduation - 20/09
Since I won't be very active for the next 2 months, I guess I should give you guys some eye candy for now to make up for my absence.
Yesterday was Sydney Boy's Graduation Day and here are a bunch of photos of some sexy little boys that have now grown up! (not really...)
lols. ENJOY LADIES! (or guys.)

Andddd last but not least, a photo of Benson and I.
(it was extremely windy.)

My graduation is on Friday! Excited? not really.. hahahs... :S

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hsc is in exactly 1 month so i'll be a hermit for the next 2 months.
sorry about not being able to post anything for so long.

and also i'll be disabling formspring for this period of time because i want to focus only on work.
i'll be back!
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 not very happy
I haven't been very happy recently so Conan's been nice enough to try to cheer me up.....
He suggested for me to go bowling with him and Warren cause we haven't hung out for a while.
So after maths tutor on Tuesday, he came to pick me up and drove me and Ando to Cooks Hill Hotel at Cabra.
There was a huge line and when I got there I was freaked out because it looked so shifty.
The security guard asked us if we were all 18 and the nine of us just said yes. LOL
So we went in and had dinner - everyone had steak and I had fish, and also we played pool.
I left like half of my food and so Warren said it was a waste and everyone just snatched the rest of the food from my plate. LOL.
Ananda finished his salad first.. and started eating everyone else's salad.... until I pointed it out to him in which he claimed that he liked the salad here.. but also bursted out saying FINE I'LL EAT THE STEAK. *angry face* hahahahs
Anyways after a few round of pool.. *I accidentally shot the black ball in SORRY!*
we drove our way to some bowling place at Fairfield... which also looked very shifty.
We ended up not playing because I had a curfew and had to get home before 10pm so everyone had to head home too... *sorry for ruining your night guys!
Butttt yeah. In the end, Conan apologised for making me feel uncomfortable throughout the night in which I said it was alright because he tried. And he then drove me and Ando homeeee~~~
mm I guess it cheered me up a bit seeing that everyone was trying so hard to help me fit in...
but yeah. I guess it's just up to me now to feel better about certain things..
not really helpingggggg........
Also, I just spent liek 500bux on my brothers today.. I mean yesterday since it is 2am now... I'm such a nice sister... lols. jks
hmmmm... guess I should go to sleep now.
Night Night.

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I went to UNSW open day with Benson and my brother, Peter.
But they kinda left to engineering lectures while I went to the business info desks so afterwards while they were stuck inside their lecture, I bumped into Kevin Wu and we kinda caught up on things since I haven't really talked to him since he left mono which was in yr9.
To me personally, UNSW open day was more informative than any other open day.
After a while, I left with Peter to Ellen's Bday lunch! while Benson went with "the boys" to play soccer.

We ate at Musashi ~~ mmmmmm.... and karaoke at K1!

And finally, we finished the day with photos at Capitols~

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