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 not very happy
I haven't been very happy recently so Conan's been nice enough to try to cheer me up.....
He suggested for me to go bowling with him and Warren cause we haven't hung out for a while.
So after maths tutor on Tuesday, he came to pick me up and drove me and Ando to Cooks Hill Hotel at Cabra.
There was a huge line and when I got there I was freaked out because it looked so shifty.
The security guard asked us if we were all 18 and the nine of us just said yes. LOL
So we went in and had dinner - everyone had steak and I had fish, and also we played pool.
I left like half of my food and so Warren said it was a waste and everyone just snatched the rest of the food from my plate. LOL.
Ananda finished his salad first.. and started eating everyone else's salad.... until I pointed it out to him in which he claimed that he liked the salad here.. but also bursted out saying FINE I'LL EAT THE STEAK. *angry face* hahahahs
Anyways after a few round of pool.. *I accidentally shot the black ball in SORRY!*
we drove our way to some bowling place at Fairfield... which also looked very shifty.
We ended up not playing because I had a curfew and had to get home before 10pm so everyone had to head home too... *sorry for ruining your night guys!
Butttt yeah. In the end, Conan apologised for making me feel uncomfortable throughout the night in which I said it was alright because he tried. And he then drove me and Ando homeeee~~~
mm I guess it cheered me up a bit seeing that everyone was trying so hard to help me fit in...
but yeah. I guess it's just up to me now to feel better about certain things..
not really helpingggggg........
Also, I just spent liek 500bux on my brothers today.. I mean yesterday since it is 2am now... I'm such a nice sister... lols. jks
hmmmm... guess I should go to sleep now.
Night Night.

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