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Was meant to get a piercing with her but ended up shopping instead.

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Went to Parramatta Cut City Salon with Benson for a New Year's Haircut as A&J (my normal hairdressers) were on holiday. Doesn't look very different, not at all. But yeah.
After our haircut we just went to Max Brenners and had a waffle then headed home.

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 piggy buns!
Went out to meet up with Carl and the others today (with Benson)

Benson woke up late so when the group finished having brunch at Wagamama, we arrived.
Therefore we just went to the CHEF'S GALLERY at Townhall to have our food instead.
I remember passing that place with Benson before it was opened. All the chefs had to stand at the front and they had a somewhat very serious meeting. I ended up just standing outside and staring, marvelling at the significant design of the whole restuarant.

Anyways, We had the Jian Bao Zi (w/ Cabbage and Pork) - 6 pieces first. It was very nice. The second nicest things we tried.

Next came our noodles. While I had the noodle soup with light crispy chicken, Benson has the dry noodles with chilli chicken. He didn't enjoy his meal very much since it was too "Shanghainese" for him - he didn't like the sweet and sour taste, as he expected real chilli like the ones in korean restaurants. The only thing good was that the noodles were made fresh. Like very fresh, where they were still stuck together and you can see the chefs pulling the noodles fresh. I didn't really enjoy my noodles either. The chicken came in a separate plate but it was cold and was mostly just batter. I know you were meant to put it in the bowl of noodle to warm it up, but when placed into the soup, the batter just soaks up and become all soft and not very tasty. It was just too.. bland... We both agreed we'd prefer the unhealthy Korean Ramen full of the chilli soup instead.

Then it was time for dessert! I personally ordered the little pumpkin pastries and the piggy face buns!
The little pumpkin pastries were the size of my thumb. Literally. And we were only offered 3 pieces and had to pay $5.80 for it. Was it worth it? Not really. It was just sticky pastry with lotus filling. Yeah, we just bought it because it looked so cute! Benson actually thought they were real pumpkins at first and questioned where they got small pumpkins like that.
The piggy face buns were the highlight of the day. They had a boy and a girl were the girl had a little bow on one of her ears. Also as Benson pointed out, they had sesame seed as their eyes!
It was so fun eating them! We first bit off their snouts, then ears and then the bite into the bun was just sensational. It was light and fluffy and the warm sesame filling just spilled out into our mouths. It was. AWESOME!

After brunch, we met up with the others and went SECRET CAFE. Upon arrival, Tin, Mish and Jess came as well. Whereas, Ren, Emily, Cornelius and Carl were already in the room watching 'How I met Your Mother'. We played a couple of rounds of Mario Cart and left heading off to Karaoke.
We went to K1, and because it was post Xmas time, they charged us extra. ):
So instead, Mish, Tin and Jess left to have lunch and we stayed behind to sing for half an hour.
After, Benson and I headed home as I became very exhausted while the others went to DK for Dancing Lessons.

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yesterday. (26/12/10)
went with Benson and brothers (Peter & David) at Bondi Junction Westfields.
arrived at 8am and all the stalls were empty
By the time it was 9am, the whole shopping centre was packed with people!

spent $400AUD
but had a FCUK Bag stolen

Windsor Smith Shoes - Black Leather ($149.95 - $79AUD)
SUPER comfy and I love the way they look!

Flats from Wittner ($139.95 - $69.95AUD)
Very practical and matches with almost everything!

Levi's Curve ID Skinnies ($119.95 - $71.97AUD)
I'm a DEMI-Curve but they didn't have any in 27, so instead I took the Bold Curve, and surprisingly it still fits very well.
LOVE they way they shape my legs! (and yes I have big thighs and was always scared to wear skinnies)

Mossimo underwear ($24.99 - $10.50AUD)
yeahh... don't ask...

BNT underwear set ($60 - $30AUD)
love microfiber!

2 FCUK shirts (1 of which was stolen) (both $49.95 - $19.95)
everyday casual wear. Super comfy and stylish!

Also bought some Mossimo & Levi's Jeans and FCUK shirts for my brother so it tallied up to $400.
Very Happy with all my purchases! But not very happy with the thief who stole the bag of FCUK merchandise.


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 Surprise no#1
Benson has voluntarily taken up the job of making my last holidays as fun as possible.
The first surprise was meant to be the Aquarium, but I popped his bubble so he said it wasn't a surprise anymore.
Instead he brought me to the Sydney Wildlife Park located at the end of the harbour right next to the Aquarium.
That seriously took me by surprise. hahahs
But yeah. It was my first time visiting the Wildlife museum!
There were so many little kids. But then again, I guess I missed out a lot while I was a kid so this makes up for it.
The first thing I came into was a GIANT LEGO COWBOY ON A HORSE!
It was .. almost.. 3-4m?
but yeah it was huge! Now I want to get myself a Lego House.
Took photos here and there. I kept tapping on all the display glasses in hopes that the animals would pay attention to me. ):


hahahs. Also I saw some real life Koalas (for the first time) !!!!! They were so adorable. There was one that kept hugging a pole. *giggles.

After the museum, we headed off to Chat Thai to have lunch.
I had a calamari pad thai and an iced long black, whereas Benson has a fresh blend of Watermelon & ice and a chicken pad thai.
I just love this place.
It's small, but cozy.
Has the best ambiance where u are basically obliged to chat with your friends and family while you eat the tasty authentic thai food the restaurant offers!
But sometimes it can get very very busy, especially during dinnertime! So make sure you guys book a table or else you'd probably end up waiting for 2hrs for one. >.<

Chat Thai Haymarket 
20 Campbell St. Haymarket
tel 9211 1808 


All satisfied and full, we headed off and I sent Benson to the station. Then I went to find my mummy, where together, we went to the new Pitt St Mall and Westfield for Christmas Shopping!!!

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 The day with my “ 老公”
hmm.. what did I do today.
Woke up at 7am, did some maths for Albert and then went to him for tutor from 10-12pm
After that, I was about to go to Bankstown to have lunch with Conan but then I decided to go home..
BUT! miraculously, I bumped into Victoria.D at Lidcombe station along with Kelly.
We decided to catch up at Gloria Jeans and started to rant about our studies and the expectations of our HSC year. It was too depressing, so we decided to cause ourselves even more pain by going to the pharmacy to get ourselves some matching piercings!
It took us ages to decide on the earrings we were going to get and I took a long time deciding where to get it.
Yeah.. so we got piercings together.
And now I'm at her house, looking through her life through numerous photo albums.. in 2hrs I saw everything. From the day she was born til now.
It was very interesting as her childhood consisted of many great adventures! From Wollongong, to Malaysia, to HongKong, China, Melbourne, Goldcoast.. and finally.. here. At her home in Auburn. (:
Yeah.. that's about it.
I'm now going to go home and sleep!

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 End of yr celebration with the girls (+ Roy)
ST GEORGE GIRLS fell from 10 to 12 then to 18 on the top NSW High Schools chart! *GASPS
Don't Worry Girls! We'll be back on top next year! Gotta show 'em our yr12'11 powers!
Just joking. It's impossible to beat the Ruses .. and reach the top.
Our top English marks are just nothing compared to their 4U Maths. *sad face
BUT! We did have 2 girls top the state in IPT and Food Tech! 
hahahs. I know.. they're like.. not very WOW subjects.
But hey. Topping the state is impressive. 
Must feel pretty dam good. 
- Congratulations to both girls!

Anyways, with depressing HSC things aside..
Carmen, Jenny.H, Vivki, Ellen, Catherine (& Roy - THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER!) and I, went to have a little celebration for finishing the year together.

Roy & Catherine

They had went to watch the new Harry Potter (7) at George St Cinema before I arrived and after that we went to Pepperlunch to .. have lunch. LOL and then went K1 for Karaoke (formally known as Pheonix Karaoke, but they had changed bosses and renovated the whole place)

top left to right: Me, Ellen, Vicki, Jenny
bottom left to right: Me, Ellen, Jenny, Ellen, Vicki, Carmen, Jenny

After that, we just went to play some pool at Dixon, and went home. 

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"End of yr celebration with the girls (+ Roy)" was Posted On: Friday, December 17, 2010 @9:23 PM | 0 lovely comments
 HELLO HAPPY holidays!
End of School !
bye bye yr11 2010 and Yr12 Term 1!!!!!!

- went to "Hello Happy" at Strathfield with Benson to celebrate
We ordered an iced americcano, almond croissant and almond french toast! YUM.
The deco and ambiance of the place was very nice.
The food was decent and service was great!
It's the perfect place to spend a carefree afternoon in!

Hello Happy : http://hellohappy.com.au/
22 The Boulevarde Strathfield
Phone: 9715 6259

- Then we went to Strathfield Park and just spent our quiet afternoon in the sun together~

mm what else~
- I've got heaps of holiday homework and catching up and getting ahead to do
- SO I MUST! work hard. play hard! (since it's the last holiday of the year)

- I received a new 1T portable hard drive from dad (early x'mas present?)
It's the Samsung S2 Portable 1Tb 2.5inch External HDD

Package Contents
USB cable, Pouch
Software preloaded on the hard drive
Quick start guide
Drive Configurations
Capacity *
Operating Systems
Windows , Mac
Piano Black / Snow White / Wine Red / Chocolate Brown / Sweet Pink / Ocean Blue / Metal Gray
Performance Specification
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (480 Mb/sec)
Physical Dimension
Height ( Max )
19.5 mm
82 mm
111 mm
Weight (Max)
0.196 Kg

It's also VERY VERY stylish - comes with a leather pouch!

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Had 4U Maths tutor from 10-12pm at Albert's and then from 2pm I went to aquatic center with Benson~
Haven't been there in ages, so we kinda got lost at the start.
After a few hours of fun in the sun, we went to have lunch and then just walked around Olympic Park until it started getting dark. LOL

it was nice since the weather was extremely nice and warm.


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