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 piggy buns!
Went out to meet up with Carl and the others today (with Benson)

Benson woke up late so when the group finished having brunch at Wagamama, we arrived.
Therefore we just went to the CHEF'S GALLERY at Townhall to have our food instead.
I remember passing that place with Benson before it was opened. All the chefs had to stand at the front and they had a somewhat very serious meeting. I ended up just standing outside and staring, marvelling at the significant design of the whole restuarant.

Anyways, We had the Jian Bao Zi (w/ Cabbage and Pork) - 6 pieces first. It was very nice. The second nicest things we tried.

Next came our noodles. While I had the noodle soup with light crispy chicken, Benson has the dry noodles with chilli chicken. He didn't enjoy his meal very much since it was too "Shanghainese" for him - he didn't like the sweet and sour taste, as he expected real chilli like the ones in korean restaurants. The only thing good was that the noodles were made fresh. Like very fresh, where they were still stuck together and you can see the chefs pulling the noodles fresh. I didn't really enjoy my noodles either. The chicken came in a separate plate but it was cold and was mostly just batter. I know you were meant to put it in the bowl of noodle to warm it up, but when placed into the soup, the batter just soaks up and become all soft and not very tasty. It was just too.. bland... We both agreed we'd prefer the unhealthy Korean Ramen full of the chilli soup instead.

Then it was time for dessert! I personally ordered the little pumpkin pastries and the piggy face buns!
The little pumpkin pastries were the size of my thumb. Literally. And we were only offered 3 pieces and had to pay $5.80 for it. Was it worth it? Not really. It was just sticky pastry with lotus filling. Yeah, we just bought it because it looked so cute! Benson actually thought they were real pumpkins at first and questioned where they got small pumpkins like that.
The piggy face buns were the highlight of the day. They had a boy and a girl were the girl had a little bow on one of her ears. Also as Benson pointed out, they had sesame seed as their eyes!
It was so fun eating them! We first bit off their snouts, then ears and then the bite into the bun was just sensational. It was light and fluffy and the warm sesame filling just spilled out into our mouths. It was. AWESOME!

After brunch, we met up with the others and went SECRET CAFE. Upon arrival, Tin, Mish and Jess came as well. Whereas, Ren, Emily, Cornelius and Carl were already in the room watching 'How I met Your Mother'. We played a couple of rounds of Mario Cart and left heading off to Karaoke.
We went to K1, and because it was post Xmas time, they charged us extra. ):
So instead, Mish, Tin and Jess left to have lunch and we stayed behind to sing for half an hour.
After, Benson and I headed home as I became very exhausted while the others went to DK for Dancing Lessons.

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