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 End of yr celebration with the girls (+ Roy)
ST GEORGE GIRLS fell from 10 to 12 then to 18 on the top NSW High Schools chart! *GASPS
Don't Worry Girls! We'll be back on top next year! Gotta show 'em our yr12'11 powers!
Just joking. It's impossible to beat the Ruses .. and reach the top.
Our top English marks are just nothing compared to their 4U Maths. *sad face
BUT! We did have 2 girls top the state in IPT and Food Tech! 
hahahs. I know.. they're like.. not very WOW subjects.
But hey. Topping the state is impressive. 
Must feel pretty dam good. 
- Congratulations to both girls!

Anyways, with depressing HSC things aside..
Carmen, Jenny.H, Vivki, Ellen, Catherine (& Roy - THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER!) and I, went to have a little celebration for finishing the year together.

Roy & Catherine

They had went to watch the new Harry Potter (7) at George St Cinema before I arrived and after that we went to Pepperlunch to .. have lunch. LOL and then went K1 for Karaoke (formally known as Pheonix Karaoke, but they had changed bosses and renovated the whole place)

top left to right: Me, Ellen, Vicki, Jenny
bottom left to right: Me, Ellen, Jenny, Ellen, Vicki, Carmen, Jenny

After that, we just went to play some pool at Dixon, and went home. 

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