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 tsfx lecture
13/11/10 with Micky.
It was in one of the lecture rooms at USYD near the commerce building.
We joined because we signed up for updates from TSFX and thought that since we had nothing better to do, might as well go see what types of tips we can take in from this "free" lecture apparently worth $200AUD.
It was extremely unhelpful for both of us because it was basically just common sense.

Thus we left during the half break and went City to eat lunch.

It was extremely hot so we kinda made our way to Broadway Shopping Center during our walk from USYD to Townhall.
I bought a new wallet at PrettyInPink during our time at Broadway!
It's pretty decent. hahahs. paid only $25AUD for it.
But the things in PrettyInPink are very durable and cute! So I'm very happy with my purchase.

After that, we satisfied Micky's obsession with the Superdry store and went to buy his many tank tops from the store. We also roamed through the new Westfield on Pitt St!
It's so much more .. RICH LOOKING! But then again I guess it's in the City so it has to be ultimately posh.

That was basically my day ~~
Truly a worthless lecture, and spending time with Micky while catching up.

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