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 connie and irene's bday party!
Well, it's going to be their birthdays and to celebrate, they invited me to their party at Huy's cribbb in Revesby.
After my driving lesson that morning, Benson and I drove to Huy's place a little later than everyone else and upon arrival was greeted with surprise photos taken by Maria&Co. I gave Connie and Irene their presents and then we set off to the guest room to find everyone sitting there all excited to start the challenges/games.
First, it was a game of shaking off the sticky notes, then the pocky game and the challenges ended with chubby bunny. Highlight? Well, during the pocky game, Benson was one of the participants along with the drunk Raymond, andddd they very nearly kissed. But.. Sandy and Connie, they actually did kisssss! LOL! Oh! and Janet was just soo adorable during the chubby bunny game. heheh.


Then came the karaoke, cake cutting andddd group photos! (:


Most of the people left after that and with less than half the group left, we continued the games with a mix of chinese whispers and draw something. After that, I got a little hungry but soon found out that they had already finished eating the food that was meant to be bbq as we had arrived late. And so Benson and I excused ourselves and left for pho at Bankstown. We were first determined to go eat at the club but then since I wasn't 18 yet, pho had to suffice. But it was still good! As the pho at Bankstown is yummmo!!!!
After pho, Benson just drove me home and we both called it a day~

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Since I'm going to be a first year uni student (I can hear you guys shouting NOOB already. hahah), I decided to go to the UNSW O-Week on Monday and Thursday.
The main reason why I chose to go on those days was not to see Channing Tatum, rather, I was more keen to go on the days where most of my faculty presentations and events were on. And of course, I would never be bothered to rock up at uni for 5days in a row. LOL

Anyways within the two days that I turned up, turned out to be pretty much just signing up to clubs and grabbing freebies. In terms of info and such, don't expect too much of it. 
Also! On Monday, I went along with Benson and Zahav and Zahav brought us to the Whitehouse. A nice little on campus eatery with nice gourmet food and drinks (yes, there's even something for the alcoholics - ZAHAV!). andddd .. wait for it.... board games! So if you're into nibbling on wedges while sipping on a cold beer with your other hand occupied on a piece of jenga block, then this is quite a nice place to chill between your breaks. heheh I also ended up catching up with Angela here on Thursday after a long day of joining charity clubs!

And even though we had bad weather the weekend before O-Week, the sun came out to play during the week so we had great weather for this event! It was so hot that most of us were literally melting - makeup wise I mean. (:

Yeahhh that's it! There were heaps of people, freebies (like 5bags full!) and clubzzzsssss to join! YAY! I guess it's worth it for first years to come along and get used to the campus and such, but I'll probably just be going for a day next year - just for the freebies. heheh. (:

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So today was our second Valentine's Day together and it all began this morning when Benson surprisingly rocked up to my house in his new car and red P plates. It had turned out that he had passed his driver's license test and he wanted me to be his first passenger - also he had wanted to asap take me to places that are usually hard to get to via public transport. heheh he's so sweet - to the point where he burnt a specific CD with music just for me. > w <

After I had gotten ready, he told me that we were going to Bronte Beach and so I packed my bag, got the GPS going and set off to the sunny coast of Bondi/Bronte. However, I found out that I didn't have any sunscreen left, so we had to drive to the nearest supermarket to grab a bottle - I ended up going to BigW for the Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen with SPF30+ since to me, it feels better than any other sunscreen out there in the Australian market (I usually buy sunmilk from Japan as they dry clear and feels like nothing).
It became extremely sunny when we began our trip and the traffic wasn't so bad so we managed to get to our destination in under an hour (even though we did accidentally skip some directions from the GPS). After we arrived at the beach, we parked our car on the main hill which allowed for 1hr parking with the cost of $5.50 and this was like a 1min walk from the beach so it was alright.

- image -

We walked towards the little white shelters on the beach and started to put sunscreen on each other. After getting sun safe, we walked near where the lifeguard sat and put our stuff down before approaching the sea. But we soon found out that there were bluebottles washed up near the shore recently and so we had to be very careful to not get stung. Benson piggy backed me past the area where the most bluebottles were washed up on and after that we just ran across the wet sand with the waves and enjoyed our time in the sun. (:

-image -

Benson had started to get hungry near the time when our parking permit expired and so we decided to head towards Bondi Junction for lunch!
We parked our car inside Bondi Westfields as it was free parking for 2hrs and made our way to find a nice little restaurant to have some food. We ended up eating at Ichi-Ban Boshi and I ordered an Iced Coffee with Kimuchi Ramen while Benson ordered a Negumi? Ramen and an Iced Lemon Tea. The food was not too bad but Benson did complain that it was basically a huge bowl of just noodles with 1 piece of meat - even though the noodles have a very nice texture and the soup was fantastic! Also, the Iced Coffee did just taste like instant coffee with milk and ice - I preferred the Iced Lemon Tea a lot more.

- image -

After getting stuffed with ramen, we just walked around Bondi until the shops kinda started to close before we made our way home. Andddd that was basically how I spent my Valentine's Day. (:
Even though it's not the usual roses and dinner, I was extremely happy to see that Benson just went about his usual display of affection and surprises. hehe
Warning: Extreme personal P.O.V so you're really not obliged to take any of my words.
Because to me, it means more than any bouquet, chocolate or bear as it proves that he knows who I am and what I prefer - as I have said before: "What makes the 365th day more special than the 1st? or the 273rd for that matter? It's only a measurement of time and if you love someone, it really shouldn't matter. Every second should be spent with affection and treasured with the same amount of significance as they are all experiences you have shared together." However, there is of course nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day and Anniversaries, because in reality, us girls like to be showered with excess love and gifts - as long as we both enjoy ourselves and know what really matters. I'm no expert and to be honest I really am just bsing here but all I'm saying is that, no one should get caught up with measuring time and gifts - so if your special someone do forget a 'special day' (which I often do), don't get angry at them and just know that at that very moment, they might just be caught up in thinking of where to take you next to sweep you off your feet; just trying to make every moment you share together a memorable one. (:
hahahs I hope that didn't offend anyone but that is just how I operate and I am very thankful that Benson accepts this part of me. :D

Anyways.. I think this is getting a little too long and I'm just rambling on with boring non necessary talk.
So I'll leave you guys at that and hope everyone had as much fun as I did on Valentine's Day 2012!

*did I also mention that my dad bought my mum a bouquet of roses? lols. How cute right? :D

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 Eat. Shop. Cafes. in Korean Town
I went to stratty with Janet today because we wanted to have some girl to girl, catch up, D&M time!
Anyways since I had my driving lesson at 10:30am to 12:30pm (no I didn't run anyone over and I'm actually a decent driver), we decided to meet at Strathfield Station at 2pm.
However, as I got on the train and walked up the stairs to take a seat, a random Asian girl started frantically waving at me - and it was only then that I realised that girl was Janet! hahahs. It was literally like fate brought us together. She didn't actually realise it was me until I took my seat as well. :3

It had started to rain after we got off our train and with an umbrella in hand, we made our way to Arisun for lunch - a Korean/Chinese restaurant that Janet usually eats in with her family. It took us a while to decide on what we wanted to eat but we ended up getting a Jajangmyun and a Seafood Fried Rice to share. It was cute how Janet had to speak Korean to the waiters every time we wanted something because I have always had an issue eating in the restaurants in Strathfield as I'm not Korean and I can't speak Korean so it's always extremely awkward trying to get my order straight and eating in comfort - anyone else feel the same? or is it just me. :S
We were given 3 side dishes - kimchi, pickled radish and onion as well as tea and when the black bean noodles came, Janet stirred it for us as she is the ultimate pro! We started to eat and it was until then that I found a string of hair in the kimchi... I kinda freaked out but didn't make a scene and just .. didn't really eat after that. hahahs. The restaurant itself was busy at all times and the interior was okay - not too bad. The meal ended up to be $23 but since I had the hair incident, I have been traumatised and don't think I'll ever go back there ever again.

After our meal, we decided to go for a coffee break and went to My Sweet Memories! Unfortunately, all their tables were filled so I suggested for us to go to Hello Happy! Once inside, Janet ordered our drinks in Korean again (heheh) and I got a Caramel Macchiato ($5) and Janet ordered a Flat White ($4). After our order, we just sat down and talked about life and things that mattered to us - sometime about the people around us - just basically everything that in some way would or have affected us.. hahahs. It was a very light hearted D&M session and incredibly, 3hrs flew by just like that. We're both people who like to just sit down in cafes and just chat and with so many things in common, we really don't run out of things to say so really, it was our way of spending time and having fun. (:
Oh btw, the caramel macchiato was actually very nicely presented and it tasted fantastic! Can never go wrong with Hello Happy and I have been a fan since yr11. :D

Luvo Roll

We left Hello Happy after realising that we had sat at that same spot on the orange couch for quite a while and after we exited the cafe, Janet took me to Moochi - a frozen yoghurt cafe that apparently everyone had been raving about. It was quite packed and we just rushed our order - Me: a watermelon yoghurt with mango pieces and Janet: a green tea yoghurt with blueberries for $3-4? The frozen yoghurt comes in a swirl, housed in paper cups with the real fruit pieces on the side for u to scoop and enjoy. Other than the fruit options, there were also gummi bears, cereals, chocolate and other nifty little sweets to fulfill your sweet tooth. The watermelon flavour wasn't very nice as it didn't have that authentic watermelon taste, but Janet's green tea yoghurt was actually like green tea ice cream so it tasted a lot better than mine.

We just ended up enjoying our dessert on the little plastic chairs outside the store and after we were done, we left and went towards Morning Glory to waste some time before heading home together. (:

@ Strathfield Station

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 Glossybox 2012 Feb
So this month's Glossybox is a limited edition Valentines Day box whereby the packaging has changed into a hot pink box with white printed logo. Although inside the box, you will find the usual wrapping layout with the card consisting of a message from the glossybox team and an info list of all the products you have received, the colour of the wrapping has also changed - grey ribbon, white and pink wrapping paper and a love heart sticker.

Anyways onto the unwrapping of the box, I was greeted with discount cards from Activeskin and Proactiv in which I am extremely likely not to use simply because they are just not worth the money. 
And this month, I found 6 items. 5 of which are products and 1 bonus love heart candy in celebration of Valentines Day.

And here is the list of products I have received with personal opinions and whatnot. (:

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm (full sized 2g. rrp: $8.99)
Now I have been a user of the original Carmex Lip Balm in the pot since junior high and I can say that I'm not a big fan of the brand but its products are good enough for the usual chapped lips. The difference between this lip balm and the original is that it comes in a more stylish thin tube, it smells less strange and has SPF15. 
It states that it also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera but the feel of the balm is no different to the original; non sticky, gives a slight sheen and in terms of moisturisation, it's relatively good. The ingredients are relatively chemical based consisting mostly of esters, mineral wax, oils and butters. Overall, it's not the best lip balm I have tried and in consideration of the price, I wouldn't repurchase it in shops.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash (60mL; rrp 475mL $39.95)
Comes in a neat little travel sized bottle and the product itself doesn't look or feel much different from regular exfoliants or face wash with microbeads. There's not much I can comment about this since I've passed my phase of having extremely bad breakouts. Though due to its high level of alcohol, salicylic acid with the combination of benzoic acid, this is going to be strong for some users and may irritate your skin quite a bit. It also contains fragrance which gives it a very refreshing, clay based mask smell and it does give me the squeaky clean feeling after.

Face Of Australia Mineral Lip Shine - Beach House (full sized 4.5g, rrp: $12.95)
To be honest, I've never payed attention to FOA whenever I shopped at the drugstores simply because they are always displayed to be a very low ranged brand. But upon trying this out, I'm now more interested in their range of products because this lip shine is very impressive. This "lip shine" comes in a lipstick tube and once you open it you would expect it to be just like a lipstick but upon application its thin creamy texture gives it a more lipbalm/gloss finish which is non sticky and extremely moisturising. In terms of colour, it gives off a very beautiful peachy bronze sheen with mini golden shimmer which will suit most skin tones and is perfectly suited to summer looks; it's not opaque but not completely sheer. This is hands down, my favourite product from this month's box.

Star and Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files (unknown - upon request)
Basically it's just a range of mini nail files that you can snap off and use when you have a nail emergency. It's a cute concept and perfect for slipping into your handbags. 

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara (3mL; rrp: 6mL $48)
This is a relatively good mascara which will lengthen your lashes individually but since it's not waterproof, it won't hold up the curls for me at all. It is long wearing and smudgeproof as tested throughout a normal day - 6hrs. In consideration of the price and it's effects, I will not be repurchasing this simply because I have already found my HG mascara and this mascara really doesn't do much for my sparse Asian lashes.

Overall, this month's box didn't disappoint me (same neutral feeling as last month's box) and I will continue to be subscribed to Glossybox!

By the way, my brother also received his Men's Glossybox today and I will continue this post once he's opened and tried his products. (:

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 Under the weather~
Sydney's been having a very Cloudy/Rainy Summer... so I've also gotten quite sick lately therefore I've been mostly a hermit at home.. painting..

But today I decided to go out with Benson just to get some fresh air into my lungs.
mm I got to Central at around 2pm cause Benson had to go to tvb station to complain about his subscription beforehand. After we met up, we went to Chat Thai for brunch and as I've mentioned before, they've added new additions to the menu and most of the prices for the food increased by $1 but it's still good.
I had Yen Ta For - wide rice noodle with pork and seafood in a nice red looking salty soup - $10.90 and Benson had Chicken: Pad See Ew and Chilli Fried Rice for $9.90 and $11.90 respectively. We also ordered 6 Pork Skewers - $2 each.

checking twitter and my Yen Ta For (taken by bubs)

After our very filling meal, we headed towards Pitt St Mall where we roamed around the shops and bought some stuff from Cotton On since we had a $30 gift card. Benson bought 2 T-Shirts and I just bought a plain Singlet. It was a funny experience since he told me to choose the prints for him and all I picked were shirts with the naked or partially naked girls on them. (:

We also found a new (kinda) food court inside Pitt St Mall! It's literally like.. the most expensive food court in Sydney.. but it was nearly empty when we got there.. o.o; It's basically like a hugeee, nicely decorated place with barely anyone eating there. Though this might have been because it was nearly 4pm? The restaurants there included but was not limited to: Chat Thai, Ding Tai Fung, Max Brenners and a really neat little dessert cafe in the middle which has really exquisite chocolate for sale.
Anyways as we finished walking around Pitt St Mall, we just went to Kinokuniya and sat down to chill with some Pokemon Mangas. Benson also bought some stuff from there while I got myself a few classics since they were only $9.95 each.

After that, we just both headed home as it was starting to get late.
As I got home, I found 2 packages! 1 from OzSale and the other from SaSa.
It turned out that my IHana 13 piece brush set ($75AUD; rrp $249AUD) and my Caudalie skincare set + other skin care stuff ($75.40USD) had arrived.
I'm super excited to try the stuff out and do a thorough review of the items because I've tried the mini set from IHana from a BrandsExclusive order before and it turned out to be fantastic! Super durable, amazingly soft, doesn't shed but did have a funny scent in the beginning- the hair are natural goat hair and handles are made out of natural hard lacquered wood; they also have a vegan 17 brush set. On the other hand Caudalie is a French skincare line that focuses their products around grapes as their products use the antioxidant power of grape seed polyphenols to provide skin protection against free radicals - I got nearly all their products for around $10 (rrp $30-40USD) each during the massive sale Sasa had on during CNY so I'm super happy about that deal.

Anyways, I have to go take my medicine and get some rest now...

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