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Since I'm going to be a first year uni student (I can hear you guys shouting NOOB already. hahah), I decided to go to the UNSW O-Week on Monday and Thursday.
The main reason why I chose to go on those days was not to see Channing Tatum, rather, I was more keen to go on the days where most of my faculty presentations and events were on. And of course, I would never be bothered to rock up at uni for 5days in a row. LOL

Anyways within the two days that I turned up, turned out to be pretty much just signing up to clubs and grabbing freebies. In terms of info and such, don't expect too much of it. 
Also! On Monday, I went along with Benson and Zahav and Zahav brought us to the Whitehouse. A nice little on campus eatery with nice gourmet food and drinks (yes, there's even something for the alcoholics - ZAHAV!). andddd .. wait for it.... board games! So if you're into nibbling on wedges while sipping on a cold beer with your other hand occupied on a piece of jenga block, then this is quite a nice place to chill between your breaks. heheh I also ended up catching up with Angela here on Thursday after a long day of joining charity clubs!

And even though we had bad weather the weekend before O-Week, the sun came out to play during the week so we had great weather for this event! It was so hot that most of us were literally melting - makeup wise I mean. (:

Yeahhh that's it! There were heaps of people, freebies (like 5bags full!) and clubzzzsssss to join! YAY! I guess it's worth it for first years to come along and get used to the campus and such, but I'll probably just be going for a day next year - just for the freebies. heheh. (:

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