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 St George Girls Yr12 Formal
So my formal was held at Shangri La Hotel but before that, the girls and I arrived at Meriton Service Apartments to do our makeup and hair and get dressed. And the funny thing was that I was lucky enough to have worn the navy dress to Benson's formal because Ren had the exact red dress as the one I was wearing for my formal. Anyways, after we got ready and took a few snapshots, Ellen and Vicki's parents drove us to Circular Quay to the place where we were going to hold our formal!

We arrived just on time and it had started to sprinkle~
All of us walked down the stairs of the grand hotel entrance, we found out that everyone had already started to enter the waiting room and we were the last ones to be checked in. But any who, we were still on time and were offered refreshments in pretty glasses before being led into the ballroom.
The ballroom was decorated really nicely as all the tables had a vase with pretty little ornaments on trees and they even had candles!!! Yeah.. I was pretty excited because I just love anything candle related. ((:
Our table was right in front of the dance floor so we were able to see everything that was happening for the night.

the menu; pretty ornaments

The night began with some entree (YUMMY!), then awards and then mains and after that was hitting the dance floor.
The music on the night consisted of the mainstream rnb dance music which was a lot better than the ones played in the Sydney Boys formal as it was a lot easier to dance to. Also, since we had the photobooth as well in the waiting room, a lot of the girls were lining up with their dates to take photos; and this time we had props to take the photos with: eg. face masks etc. In fact, the line was a lot longer than the one at S.B formal since we are an all girls school and which girl wouldn't like to have their photo taken in a photobooth!?
Oh did I mention that Una's brother was the same photographer for the Sydney Boys formal and ours?? We also got the same host and he recognised Benson and I. LOL!

Anyways, the night was just like any other formal; photos, dancing, eating, more photos and it ran extremely smoothly. So a thumbs up for the formal committee for putting in so much effort to organise it so that it was a perfect night to celebrate our completion of High School; like seriously, we even had dessert and cookies and tea!- I'm just sayin'; in comparison to the S.B formal it was like ten times better. Just kidding! (Even though there is a small amount of truth in every joke.) :D
And how can I forget; a photo of me and bubs. (:

Nawhhhh. Now isn't he adorabubbles? (:
Anyways after the night ended, we all just headed back to the hotel by a maxi cab and since it was raining, we decided not go karaoke after. Instead, we just popped a few bottles of alcohol into champagne glasses, opened a few bags of snacks and enjoyed the movie "9" followed by a horror movie before heading to bed at 3am- don't worry, everyone's sensible and drank in moderation so nothing happened. (:

left to right:
top: view from Cat's room (you can see Sydney Boys!); view from my room
bottom: the girls chilling; night view from the living room

This morning though, because we were making bacon for breakfast, one of the girls didn't read the sign in the kitchen indicating that "we shouldn't open the doors when cooking", opened the door and the smoke from the kitchen set off the fire alarm. Therefore the fire brigade rocked up, it was a false alarm and we had to pay an extra $800. I made a joke before the fire brigade came that they were gonna fine us for setting the alarm off and it was the only way the hotel was making money... andddd...it turned out that we were fined so it wasn't really that funny anymore since it had just become reality.
There were 8 of us so basically $100 each... And that's pretty much what happened... lols... $800 for bacon and eggs... yeahhhhh...

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