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I finally finished the HSC!
After my last exam (chemistry), Catherine and Ellen also finished so we all headed towards Chatswood!
We looked around for formal dresses for the girls and then Catherine told us that Daiso is now opened in Australia! And it was right there in Chatswood!
So we headed to the store and WE WERE AMAZED!
The store looked AWESOMESAUCE! Nicely spaced and renovated~
They are all everyday products and are of good quality!

We went crazy inside the store and here are the stuff I managed to grab from this awesome place!
I am super happy with my purchases! Especially the hand cream because it is just a new HG item for me! I bought it in Jasmine (since it is my favorite scent in the whole entire world) and it comes in a pretty purple plastic tube and it smells just like jasmine green tea!!! YUMMMMMMM... other than the scent, it absorbs into my skin quickly while instantly moisturizes it without the greasy sticky feeling. I can seriously say, I love this more than my Crabtree and Evelyn handcreams.

As we headed out of Daiso, we encountered a beautiful garden right next to the station with heaps of roses. It was a breathtaking sight and even made Cityrail look decent. It was the perfect way to end our day. ((:

Anyways, I need to take a nap because I've just cleaned my whole room and have been deprived of sleep for some time now~ *dead

lalalalaaaaa feels so good to be school-less.

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