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 Bye Bye HSC! Hello Life!
My last exam is on TOMORROW WEDNESDAY 2/11 (chemistry T~T)!!!!
So that means I'm reopening my Formspring again! ((:
HSC has been pretty nice to me and even though there were some tough times, it was pretty awesome overall!

After exam plans?
mm I am gonna start tutoring for 2U, 3U and 4U Maths.. maybe Chemistry for the new yr11 or 12s~
Maybe get a casual/part time job at an awesome place!
Andddddd start playing mmorpg games again! lols.. yeah.. to be honest, I do miss them. alot. *guilty face
Also, there are plans to go shopping, picnics and just all the fun stuff to make myself forget about the results of the exam.
Oh! And since i'll be heading back to HongKong/China in December, I'll be loading my luggage with new game consoles and the whole Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts collection!!!! YAY!!!!!!! *inside geek giggling
And And And I can't wait for formal since it's the time when everyone can dress up and party the night away!
Anyways that is all I can say for now because I have to get back to my beloved Chemistry past papers. :S

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