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 UMAT 2011
I took the UMAT exam at 1:30pm inside the SYDNEY SHOWGROUND today.. and all I have to say is that: it was hard. lols
..Well atleast harder than all the medentry and face to face papers that I did. And trust me, I finished plenty.
But the thing is, the practice papers did help with my way of thinking.
So it wasn't really a waste of time doing them.
mm all in all, I hope I did well. hahas. ((:
And I hope everyone else failed. lols. joking.
But there was a huge mixture of kids from private schools, selective schools, normal schools, even uni kids taking the exam today.. so.. hahahs.

tired after 4hrs of continuous exam... and waiting for my dad to pick me up in the cold

Not very confident. :O

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 Talented Students Day
A few of us went to the Talented Students Day organised by the MANSW (Maths Associations of NSW) at USYD today.
When we arrived, we noticed that half the lecture hall were filled with Fort St kids and we were the only school in mufti. But then again, Mr.H did tell us to wear something that would define us as nerds, something like the Harry Potter scar on our foreheads. I know.. Bad Joke.
But yeah. It felt awkwardly good to be the only ones not in uniform. hahahs
First was the intro speech by the dean of the Maths department. And then came the award for the 1st state ranker in both 3U and 4U maths from the previous year, Miss Law. And she was from Ruse (wasn't surprised), who is currently doing a bachelor of Law/Adv Science (Mathematics) at USYD. And they also handed out the medals for the students who went to the succeeded in getting into the summer camp back in yr11.
Then came the motivational speech by the Co-Host of Letters and Numbers on SBS, Lily Serna, an honours student in mathematics at UTS. She told us about the career paths we can take with maths; other than the obvious choice of engineering. In fact, she was only a 3U student herself, so it really doesn't take much, you just need to have a passion for it. However, what she didn't know was that the whole lecture room was filled with just 4U students and since she started asking us if we knew what differentiation was, we all kind of took her words as a joke; and of course, some were quite offended.

Afterwards was morning tea followed by 2 lectures in some university styled maths problems based on the things we already know; topics like mechanics, series, complex numbers, just the general stuff.
Those were poorly done because the lecturers were not very engaging resulting in some students falling asleep and others just bored out of their minds. I on the other hand, hadn't eaten anything the whole morning and my stomach had started to grumble. So I wasn't able to concentrate either, but thank god I didn't embarrass myself by allowing my tummy to grumble too loud. (:

Lunch was pretty good sine the cafe in the Law building has quite nice baguettes. And I liked how they actually had chefs in the open kitchen and they even have a bar! To be safe, I ordered a Vietnamese Roll with a Caramel Latte made by a very cute guy who had a very enticing European accent but most of all, knew how to spell my name right! :D

Then came our last 2 sessions of HSC Exam Preparation Lectures for our 4U topics. They were excellent! Gave us great tips on how to shorten our working and reduce time on some questions! But one complaint many students had was that for every topic, we only had less than an hour. So much of the work was rushed or skipped. Lucky they gave us the notes to read in our own time instead.

It was a very tiring day, considering I only had 3hrs of sleep the night before. But it was worth the $20 I guess; like a quick crash course with tutors that are actual HSC markers. hahahs.
OH! And I also saw Cici and Alanna there at the lecture so that was nice. :D
Anyways, that's about it!
Gotta get back to studying for Trials.


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 First Day of Last School Term
It wasn't as bad as I thought. But Kogarah was certainly much more colder, like the wind was "icy" and I was just shivering the whole day. And everything seemed to past quite slow today.. compared to the holidays at least.
And I ended up working through my 2 free periods and lunch! *feels good

We finish early by half an hour on Tuesdays and since Zahav (childhood friend for 10yrs!) texted me to catch up after school, I went to meet up with him and we had our chat over a cup of coffee at Gloria Jeans.

And now I'm home at 5pm, just before it rained as well! :D

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 Everyday we're stu-studyinggg
I went to the State Library of New South Wales with Benson today at 11am to study our a**es off.
Luckily, a lot of other people like Selina.J, Howard.T, Michelle.W and Michael.N were there so it made our hardcore study time more fun! (:

mm I got really hungry at around 4pm so we went to grab some food at Martin Place.
I guess the only place near the library was the food court and a maccas. So we ended up having the most romantic lunch! MACCASSSS! LOL Just joking - it's like a personal joke between Benson and I.
Anyways after we ate, we just went back to the library to study some more..
The whole day, I had to finish some ext2 maths trial papers and Benson was working on chemistry.
Yeah.. that was pretty much it.

We were meant to go watch Harry Potter prt2 at 3:30pm or 4:30pm at George St Event Cinemas, but didn't get the chance to because I insisted on finishing everything before I could leave the library.

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 Brothers are on camp!
My brothers are currently off on a 4 day 3 night camp with mono and so I get to stay home with my parents all to myself.. YAY... ):
BUT ANYWAYS! It's actually 2am now so I guess this post is for yesterday, the 8th of July.
mm.. I had English tutor in the morning and then went out to City with dad to look for my new phone.
Getting the new Samsung Galaxy SII cause Peter (my first brother) got himself a HTC Desire HD too. ):
- The phone will arrive in a few days since my cousin works at the phone store and she's grabbing it for me.
Since most males get sick of looking around in shops, we just stopped at Starbucks for a cup of coffee.
Then mummy joined us, her and I just went shopping while my dad went to get his eyes tested by the Optometrist. :D
And then we had dinner at ChatTai in which I paid the bill. cause I'm so nice. LOL
But yeah. It felt so different without my two little brothers.
I miss them very very much though. Hope they're not freezing their a** off in bush and that they're eating enough. ):

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 Sexy sexy jeans... mmmmmmm.......
I received my LEE Jeans from BrandsExclusive yesterday!
I found out about this website from the Vogues Sale Night and it's basically like HauteLook, but for Australians! - Since HauteLook only ships to the US and Canada *sadface.
How does their system work? Well, you sign up as a member FOR FREE and they have deals that pop up daily and you can actually save a lot on designer items here - I'd say up to 80%. I've ordered another pair of Riders by Lee Jeans and a brush set from IHana Professional that are yet to arrive, but the shipping time differs from 2wks to a month. They just recently had a Becca Cosmetics sale and I hope they'd bring it back again soon cause I missed out on that.


Originally priced AUD$260 I got these for AUD$64.99 plus AUD$9.90 for shipping.
These are the distressed LICKS in black and this was what the Lee Website had to say about these wonderful Jeans:
All in all, I love these jeans very much! They hug my legs perfectly and would flatter most body shape (since I myself don't have very skinny legs). To me, they literally make your legs look skinny, unlike many skinny jeans that don't flatter the more curvy.
Made from 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane, these are super stretchy and wraps around the leg like leggings; except THEY'RE JEANS!
There are studs which are pinned through and not stuck on on the right front pocket and the left back pocket which gives these a rather edgy feel.
Dress em up or down; flats for a casual day at the shops or add a pair of heels and you're ready for a night out!

Overall, I highly recommend everyone to check these out because I really want to buy myself another pair if they were back on sale on BrandsExclusive again.
I JUST REALLY LOVE THESE. Like more than mango cheesecakes.
Oh! Almost forgot! For anyone looking for a size comparison, I'm usually a 27 for jeans and is in a size 8 for these babies. (:

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 Butt full of bruises.
Benson told me to meet him at Central station this morning for a date but when he arrived I was hungry so we went to ChatThai for brekky! I like to have things that are lightly flavoured but filling at the same time for breakfasts so yeah ~ Also, I need my daily serve of coffee so of course I had to grab a cup of Starbucks!


After breakfast, he took me onto a Hornsby train and told me not to look at the stations that we were going to pass because it was meant to be another one of his cute little surprises. It turned out that we were going to Macquarie Centre for ice skating and I was very happy that he brought me there since the last time I ice skated was a long 4years ago.
Macquarie charges $19 for students and the locker hire was $4. I guess it was decent but what I found with all the ice skating rinks were that they all look run down, almost like an old rusty school gym. Also, their skates were not very well maintained as some of the ones they gave to Benson were broken.With that aside, it was pretty good. Since it was Benson's first time ice skating, it took him some time to get used to sliding on ice. It was a little difficult at first as I had to get used to the ice as well (4 years is a long time) and most of the time, we just fell together because I was holding his hand when he wasn't holding the railing so when he wobbled, I would too and yeah.
But since he was a fast learner and I was an awesome teacher, he got the gist of ice skating pretty fast. lols.
But yeah. Ice skating is a great place to bring your dates because you get to be close to each other and fall down together. hahahs (not really) but yeah! It was good fun. (:
We finished the day with very bruised butts and he hurt his elbow but it was all worth it.

Did I mention that it was our 10 month?
I didn't know that today was the 5th since I don't tend to keep track of dates.
hahahs. Silly me.

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I received these in the mail today from Catalina and will try them out soon!
hahahs so excited! I'm like going through a nail polish craze at the moment. ((:

China Glaze: Social Animal; Aqua Baby; Tinsel
O.P.I: Who Needs a Prince?; Makes Me Blush; DS Glow; You Don't Know Jacques! Suede
Essie: Status Symbol; It's Genius; Bordeaux

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