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My visit to USYD OPEN DAY.......

Can I just say that I HATE CITYRAIL! I absolutely hateeee trackworks.
It took me over an hour just to get to the City today.
And therefore, I was late to USYD.. and missed 3 mini lectures. *sad face
mm but I was able to attend the Bachelor of Economics lecture and it was pretty interesting.
Missed the Pharmacy lecture because the prof. had locked the door. = =;
And yeahhh ended up hanging out inside the Quad where they had the Tae Kwon Do performance.

Our group sat at the front cause we're awesome like that. *chuckles.

And while the Tae Kwon Do club displayed their awesome skills, my balloon dog ran away.. and a little girl picked it up.. and her dad shoved it in the pram ..and left..
yeah... so after the performance, we all just left to City to eat LOTS and LOTS of food!
Then I went karaoke for 2 hours.. and got home at 9pm.

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 i'll see you in 3 weeks.



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 kitty friends
Hiro (my kitten) has grown up and found himself new friends ~


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 Spring's coming. I can almost feel it.
I enjoyed the warmth of a late winter's day today.
The weather became drastically warmer after last night's late shower.
mm I guess 2010's winter is going to disappear as soon as it came.

Anyways hahahs. Something funny happened on the train this morning.
Some Asian FOB guy came up to me and asked for my number. He spoke in Mandarin and as I couldn't care less (since I was busy studying for my chemistry exam), I just said: "Excuse me?"
He tried to ask in English but failed miserably and ended up shamefully walking back to his "group". Everyone around laughed at this kid, at the end I kinda felt sorry for him but you can never help chuckling along with the rest of the crowd yourself.
We did some combustion experiment with burning twigs in chemistry class.. and now I smell like a smoker...
I also found out that my yr9 English teacher tutors at Pre Uni...
What else... OH! I got to flip through the Black Book for DFS's 50th anniversary. 12th person in the world to see it. Pretty funky huh? I think so too. ;)
OH! and Conan owes me lunch next Thursday!
That's pretty much it. Ciao~~

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 Subject Selections - LETS GET READY FOR HSC!
We had to hand in our subject selections form for HSC yesterday and I've decided to pick up Ext2 (4Unit) Mathematics and drop Legal Studies.
In total I'll be taking 12 Units to the HSC and see how I go after the first term.
If all goes well then I'll also drop French and do a total of 10 Units which includes Maths Ext2, Adv English, Chemistry and Economics.
But if Ext2 is jst too overbearing then I'll drop down to Ext1 Maths and keep French with a total of 11Units. Sounds like a good plan? Maybe...
I think I'll end up sleeping at the library (my new home) since I can't seem to be able to study at home.. oh how I wish there was a 24/7 library out there somewhere. ):
Lets just put our hands together and hope that I don't screw up too bad and regret anything ~
Anyways I'll have to start stepping on the accelerator and try my best! hahahs.
Wish me luck guys~ HERE GOES NOTHING!

One more note: my preliminary exams will start in 2wks from the 06-17/09 and after that it's just gonna be work nonstop. So lets try to enjoy our last days of childhood together and hope for the best future. 

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 Visiting the State Library.
I went to the State Library for the first time with Benson today. I felt that it was the most productive weekend I've had since we were there from 2-5pm just studying. Like no play. Just plain hardcore study.
But we also ended up checking out hot chicks that walked pass. *giggles And we also saw Jamie and friend there studying. Those shifty bastards. LOL
LOL! one funny thing was, he had lost the key to our locker and when the grumpy guy came out to help us, Benson got the wrong locker so the key that was turned in didn't work. I told him it was the locker next to the one he pointed out to but he said that he can't be wrong. After that another kind man came down telling us we needed to pay for a replacement key. But after he tried the key on the locker that I had pointed out to, it opened. And Voila! Our bags were right there. The kind man told Benson to put down all his books and take some rest and told me to take good care of him tonight. o.o;
Anyways after that we decided to walk to Townhall from Martin Place. But instead I had led us to the wrong direction towards Circular Quays. So I ended up walking all that distance in 4inch heels. But it was all good, because I got to see part of the City that I've never been to before. The work district was empty because it was the weekends so we had the whole place to ourselves. I also got the chance to walk past the Museum which I've never been to before.
Anyways after we reached Martin Place station, we took the train back to Townhall and check the time for Toy Story 3 at Event Cinema (since I still haven't seen the film yet). It was at 7pm so we figured it was too late so we just went to eat at iTaiwan.
After that I had to get my cousin a birthday present so we went inside Wong Bo Tong to buy her some albums and stuff. On our way out, we saw Jamie and friend again! They accused us of dating and shit.. ==; I think they were stalking us. LOL! Those kids were apparently on they way to a night party at Wynard. But yeah.. it was nice seeing them again.

That was basically my day.. Got home at 9pm and just crashed. 

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 little snails.
We went to The Little Snail Restaurant and Bar as a French Excursion today.
The food was very average but the service was very nice.
The waiters there were all "fresh off the boat" French men. LOL!
I loved how they only spoke French and didn't understand a word of English.
We all had a 3 course meal and was very filling and nicely presented.
In total, every student had to only pay $22AUD so it was decently priced.
A very neat and little restaurant near the harbour, perfectly for little dinners with a loved one.

After that, Michelle Liang and I left and wandered off to shop for a formal dress in Townhall.
And here are some photos of us fooling around inside David Jones changerooms! ;)

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 dog and dogged.
Jeans for Genes day today! and I bought myself a $5 badge to support the foundation.
It's a major fundraiser for the Children's Medical Research Institute.

mm went to visit Mish's new puppy during lunch.
She randomly bought it with her boyfriend the other day simply because they saw it and felt like it.
It's a Silky Terrier x Maltese, 2months old and still nameless. He's super adorable though, because he literally licks anyone he meets and gets super excited when someone new comes around.

Anyways.. after I gave the puppy back to Mish, I headed off to city in hopes of .. doing something..
like watch Step Up 3D...
since I'm missing out on Khalil's concert which is literally in one and a half hrs. );
Cici came for like half an hour and told me she had to go because her mum insisted her to go home..
then her bf came and they walked off while I bumped into Zac, Sandy and Ricky.
Yeah.. I ended up going home because it was so depressing..

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Got super sick this morning and spewed on the train... yeah I know.. gross. = =;;
puked at recess and lunch after I ate my sandwich as well...
and now my mild cold's turned into a major flu. i think. grrrrrrrrrr!!!

Anyways, I went to check up on the Khalil tickets at the entertainment center today and all the tickets were sold out except for the VIP tickets. So unfortunately, I won't be attending his concert this year. ):
Went to CEO for an hour after that and then had lunch at Roll+ outside the Dixon Center.
The owners of that little restaurant were very very nice to me. I love their personalities! Adorable couple indeed.

That's basically it. yeah.. shit day. embarrassed as shit. and feel super shit as well.

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 get organised.
One more year til my HSC TRIALS! so I went out and bought a chalkboard at Morning Glory today while I was checking up for Khalil Fong concert tickets.
It's so adorable!! Adorable enough to makes me actually want to look at the list of assessments and work I have to do.

mm anyways Wong Bo Tong ran out of the concert tickets so I gotta go entertainment center to grab em tomorrow.
It's this FRIDAY so I'm VERYYYY EXCITEDDDDD ! (Same day as AJ Rafael. sorry AJ, I just love khalil too much to skip it for you!)
Also it got really chilly today, so I caught a mild cold.. 

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 tutor P&T.
We had a tuition class parent and teacher meeting today.
I slept in til 11am because I went to sleep at 7am and forgot what time I was meant to arrive at the assembly, and as I was MC, I was obliged to arrive early. So I quickly took a shower and ran out of the house.. but soon I found out that the assembly was to start at 1:45pm instead 1pm.. *phew. perhaps I was very lucky to arrive on time.
Anyways during the assembly I kind of stuttered my way through because it was the first time I've seen the script. Therefore I ended up just reading the whole thing and with minimal eye contact and such. *chuckles
After that everyone moved aside and the meeting with all the teachers started.
First was Economics with Greg; he said I was ranked 1 or 2 and that by revising more and putting more effort in, I'd be able to rise well above the 90s - where I'm meant to be.
Next was 3U Maths with Caroline; she basically just said that I'm a good student, hardworking, easily picks up complicated concepts and will be well off to do 4U next year. Also she said I would talk occasionally in class but it wasn't a concern as she allows us to chatter when she's not teaching and that she likes how I help others in the class with concepts that they don't understand - which shows that I know my stuff well. o.o;
Lastly was Chemistry with Julia; she said I was ranked 2nd but only because LiShuang scraped it through 1st place during the last exam as we were neck to neck at 1st place and that she's a lot more studious than I am and actually tries really hard. hahahs. She recommended that if I'd even put 50% in my tutor work, I'd be 1st, but I didn't so... and she said I can have fun but still have to do some work..? Yeah.. and that I seem to talk a lot with Cici in the class but she doesn't mind since we're in top 5 anyways but as long as we don't affect Vicki in her studies it's all well and good.
Other than that, she had no problems with me.. just that she wanted me to put a little bit more effort in tutor work.. but since it's yr11, as long as I get top 3, it doesn't really matter. I'll start hard-coring in term 4 when it really does matter.
I mean we don't want to burn out too soon now do we? (:


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