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 tutor P&T.
We had a tuition class parent and teacher meeting today.
I slept in til 11am because I went to sleep at 7am and forgot what time I was meant to arrive at the assembly, and as I was MC, I was obliged to arrive early. So I quickly took a shower and ran out of the house.. but soon I found out that the assembly was to start at 1:45pm instead 1pm.. *phew. perhaps I was very lucky to arrive on time.
Anyways during the assembly I kind of stuttered my way through because it was the first time I've seen the script. Therefore I ended up just reading the whole thing and with minimal eye contact and such. *chuckles
After that everyone moved aside and the meeting with all the teachers started.
First was Economics with Greg; he said I was ranked 1 or 2 and that by revising more and putting more effort in, I'd be able to rise well above the 90s - where I'm meant to be.
Next was 3U Maths with Caroline; she basically just said that I'm a good student, hardworking, easily picks up complicated concepts and will be well off to do 4U next year. Also she said I would talk occasionally in class but it wasn't a concern as she allows us to chatter when she's not teaching and that she likes how I help others in the class with concepts that they don't understand - which shows that I know my stuff well. o.o;
Lastly was Chemistry with Julia; she said I was ranked 2nd but only because LiShuang scraped it through 1st place during the last exam as we were neck to neck at 1st place and that she's a lot more studious than I am and actually tries really hard. hahahs. She recommended that if I'd even put 50% in my tutor work, I'd be 1st, but I didn't so... and she said I can have fun but still have to do some work..? Yeah.. and that I seem to talk a lot with Cici in the class but she doesn't mind since we're in top 5 anyways but as long as we don't affect Vicki in her studies it's all well and good.
Other than that, she had no problems with me.. just that she wanted me to put a little bit more effort in tutor work.. but since it's yr11, as long as I get top 3, it doesn't really matter. I'll start hard-coring in term 4 when it really does matter.
I mean we don't want to burn out too soon now do we? (:


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