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 New ♥ = SECRET!
Met up with Benson and Connie today.
We first went to TonTon inside the Chifley Plaza at Townhall so I could eat some "brunch".
I ordered a Chicken Curry and it was decent.
After we were all full, Benson decided to go downstairs to Prize Paradise to verse me in a game of basketball.
Unfortunately for him, I had won the game 126 to 132 (in heels; yes it was very painful) and he ended up sulking about it the whole day.

Benson then brought us to the "Secret Cafe" near Hungry Jacks.
Since you had to take an elevator up a shifty looking building, I was a little skeptical at first.
But once the elevator doors opened, upon entry, you see really nice little tables with glass toping where guests can sit and enjoy a light snack and drinks.
When we arrived at the counter, we were greeted by a very nice Korean guy and he showed us all the rooms and features included in the rooms that we can book, including the pricing for all of them.
The rooms included a mix of PS3, Wii, internet facilities, a whole database of movies, dramas and music videos. It was like HEAVEN for me. 
Since I liked green, we ended up choosing Room 6 ($5/hr/person) which had everything but Wii.
Benson and I played Tekken, C.O.D and Fifa while Connie ordered drinks on the automatic machine near the door. I ended up winning only the first game of Tekken but also beating Benson in an entire game of Fifa so I was happy.
Pretty good for a first timer huh?

I ordered a "Gorgeous Geisha" which the nice Korean guy brought in and arranged for me. It was so pretty, he even lit a candle to keep my tea hot.
Afterwards, Howard, Annie.C and Selina came. It was our first meeting and I have to say, those girls were GORGEOUS ! Couldn't take my eyes off them.
Anyways, we watched a movie suggested by Annie.C - "Shutter Island" for the remainder of the time. It messed with my head but it was a good movie nonetheless. We were there for a total of 5hrs! (gee time passes by fast when you're having fun) and had to pay a total of about $140AUD.
Secret Cafe is now my new . ahahahs. will definitely go back to enjoy a nice cup of tea, or just enjoy the wonderfully decorated rooms.

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