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 Bush Care. D&M.
Today some of my tuition friends and I went to plant some trees for Strathfield Council as a part of the annual "bush regeneration" day.
Had to wake up at 6am.. and then get to Bressington Park by 8:30am.
We got an intro talk from Mr Kiddle (as always) and went on to plant our new 'best-friends'.
Our Group
I paired up with Ellie but then ended up with Marzuki, my childhood friend from primary school, halfway throughout the event because he was planting little shrubs by himself. Since he was new to this "bush regeneration" thing, he was literally clueless and probably killed more plants.

Afterwards, Vicky and I went to eat Pho at Flemo and halfway throughout the meal, Leon.S and Ellie found us in the restaurant and joined us in pigging it out.

Since Cityrail was acting up again, transport was very complicated on the day so the four of us decided to just take a free ride to Burwood for some Gloria Jeans! (we also met the new tutor couple at flemo station *not naming anyone*)
Vicky had to leave at Strathfield because she lived in the Hurstville area so she didn't want to get home too late. So it was just Leon.S, Ellie and I at Burwood Gloria Jeans (plaza) having D&M time for literally 3-4hrs. At the end we established that we should spend more time like this and talk about whatever's in our minds without having to be afraid of being judged in any way. Overall, I guess it was a good time to bond with those that are close to you which also acted as a stress reliever so it was all well and good.

Training it back home was a pain in the a** though because passengers had to take the train to Homebush Bay, then bus it back to whichever stop they wanted to get to.

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