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 Weekends come and go
Went out to City last night with Cici and we visited the LV, Gucci, Chanel and Bvlgari store in search of a present for her special someone. Damn the stuff inside looked oh so desirable. *sad face
But like the things she wanted to buy was way over her budget and because she wanted to give him something that was out of the ordinary (and expensive), I suggested underwear from Calvin Klein or Oroton or Armani or.. you know all those poshy woshy designer brands.
I mean... it's something practical and the guy can wear it all the time and think of you while wearing it. 

Can't get any better than a gift like that right!? (:

mm so we ended up in the men underwear section of Myer for 3hrs trying to find out the guy's size and what style he might prefer. It was quite funny cause we girls, cannot tell the difference between bikini briefs, stretch briefs, whatever the hell briefs that were on sale. Aren't they just all briefs !? D:
And while asking for his size, to not give it away, we had to ask his "pants" size and go half way through the store to find a pair of pants that were the same size and then run back to the underwear section to check for the right size...oh the things women do for men.

hahahs. Before I went to City though, Cici called me and told me not to eat before we go because she wanted me to eat with her. But with all the havoc that happened during "gift searching", we totally forgot about food and I didn't end up eating anything the whole day before I got home at 10pm. ):

But then again.. it was fun while it lasted. We took a few photos inside Myer. One consisting of me "kissing" a mannequin. and I also took advantage of the winter sale and bought myself a Mossimo Bra.

left: kissing mannequin right: mossimo bra

This afternoon, my brother, Peter and I went to Parramatta because I wanted to have some sister and brother time with him. We went around Westfields, bought myself the Shiseido Eyelash Curler from Myer and the Passionfruit Facial Cleansing Gel from The Body Shop - It smells so damn nice. I wanna eat the whole thing up.
While Peter bought himself "nerd glasses" from Typo. *chuckles
We then visited Max Brenners and I ordered the Chocolate Fondue for Two. It was very busy by 6pm and somehow our order got mixed up so we didn't receive our order until I complained 40mins later.
It was nice while it lasted though ~~

left: Passionfruit Facial Cleanser right: Shiseido Eyelash Curler

mm I guess that's all for now.
Oh! and I would like to congratulate my second uncle on having an adorable baby girl just yesterday!
May your family be happy and well ~
*going to visit tonight at around 10pm so I'll upload photos then ~


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