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 Nerding My Way Through Beginning Of May.
Annie has been staying home and studying all weekend.
Yes I know.. sad... but anything for education! rightttt????
hahahs. dam there's police sirens everywhere.
Sounds almost like there's a serial killer running loose outside..
I swear, the place where I live is shifty as hell. o.o;
Heard some kid got stabbed on the way home down the street. *gasps.

mmm was meant to go to Angela's 16th last night.. but I had no way of getting home at 9:30pm from Padstow.
And there was track work so.. *sad face.

Anyways I think that's all for now. Nothing interesting happened this week ~
I just studied, slept, ate, excreted, showered, went to school, skipped a few classes to study more at the library and yeahhhhh ~
life is so bland right now.. I hate it so much. ):

mm.. you guys can adore this pretty boy while I'm off to nerd again.
presentingggg Pierre Deporte


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