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Today, Janet and I went to a karaoke outing with the Techs.
I was nearly 2hours late though..

We went to Mizuya for karaoke plus lunch and I have to say..
this place was really disappointing..
upon entering the room, I found that it was very very small and narrow with barely any walking space.
and we had 15 people so we at least got one of the medium sized rooms. NOT IMPRESSED.

small room.

The food was not anything special either.. the set meals were reasonably priced but the sashimi and sushi were another story altogether... also the ice cream was a nono (soft serve similar to ones from maccas w/ a swirl of choco cream for $2? you've gotta be kidding me)
but one thing that surprised me was their Gemini drink that I ordered.
I adore light n' fresh tasting drinks with not too much sweetness and this drink was exceptionally refreshing.
I loved the kiwi-apple mixed flavour. ♥

left: Green Tea ice cream;; right: Gemini drink

the cost overall was $20AUD p.p for food (an order up to $20) and 2hrs of free karaoke.

Janet and I left early and went shopping together with Edward the tag-along (nahhh he just had to go home with Janet so he came with us).
As we entered Myer, a sales lady gave us a coupon and told us to go to the SK-II counter for a free consultation, so Janet and I went and got ourselves some nice n free SK-II products.
What I really loved was the SK-II facial treatment mask. It made my skin feel like a newborn baby's butt.
Definitely going to get it again sometime (as it is quite pricey ~$125US for 10 sheets or $90US for 6 sheets)

left to right: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, SK-II Facial treatment Essence, SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
I also went to the Clinique counter and bought myself the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
As winter's coming I thought I should start using a better moisturizer since my skin might dry up and flake..
the product hasn't broken me out yet and absorbs into my skin quite well.. so no complaints about it so far.
Bought it for $66.60AUD on a 10% discount.

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