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 Chilly Weather ~
Tomorrow is April Fools Day and officially the last day of term 1.
Also on this same day, I am going to drop Physics in exchange for Legal Studies! Because I just cannot stand my physics teacher's attitude and his way of teaching anymore. 
However since one term has passed, I'll have to catch up on three chapters of legal studies work during the two week holidays ~ Oh the joy...


TERM ONE EXAMS ARE ALL OVER ! so I can relax a bit and not go crying in a hole because of overstressing ~
I have also received my student ID card today. I look stoned.


awful awful ~~ I just hate school photos. -o-;;

It's been raining for the past two days in Sydney as well.. even though it was so hot last week.
Now it's extremely chilly. Well for me anyways, since I cannot stand the cold.
My nails literally turn purple when I get cold.. Is that normal? o.o;

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