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I've officially cut my hair short yesterday.
The main reason for this was because the condition of my hair was just really awful.
All the hair dye, heat tools as well as the occasional chemical perms and such has taken a toll on my hair ~ 
It basically feels like hay if I don't apply a sh*tload of treatment every time I wash my hair. ☆⌒(>。≪)
So for the sake of it all, I decided to chop it all off!


I haven't had short hair since.. year 3 so it's really a change for me.
Most of my friends now (probably all) haven't seen me with short hair so it'd be surprising to see their reactions. ( ´∀`)

My brothers said they liked me with long hair more.. but mainly because they haven't really seen me with short hair so it's strange for them. They also said it makes me look older...(  ゚,_ゝ゚)
A salon lady once told me that short hair's supposed to make you look younger; but then again, my birthday was just recently so it's probably better now that I am looking a little more mature and catching up with age, yes?(・ω・`)

~~ currently: loving the fact that holidays are just around the corner.. (4 more days!)


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