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The day began with all of us asians (+ zahav) meeting up and going to Norita Cafe.
Surprisingly, it's owned by the dad of one of the girls in our grade at school, Grace Kim.
What seemed like a shifty entrance, led us to a really funky room with a few couches and tables.
The main reason why I chose to visit this place first was because I wanted to "break the ice" between all the people that were invited since many of them didn't know each other.
We took over the three center tables and played Jenga. There was also a rule where everyone had to order a drink and so we had to order twelve drinks in total ~
Altogether we paid around $90.

credit: Thanks Edward Zheng for taking the photos
left - entrance ; right - jenga game with Zahav and Jenny

We then set off to BigEcho for karaoke.
I like how the place has four microphones. And since it was HAPPY HOUR, we only had to pay $12 each for three hours, plus an additional free drink!
While some were off with their singalongs, the people that weren't singing played the classic game of dice dare! Many funny things happened in during that time, and whatever happened in there will only stay in there and never be told (eg. Winston getting a lapdance? Me stealing Jenny's first kiss? hahah)

credit: Thanks Edward Zheng for taking the photos
left - the room ; right - Me and Raymond.L

After Karaoke, it was finally dinnertime at Shinara Grill and Lounge.
I have to admit, this place is AMAZING.
highly recommended~ service was great, food was awesome and the atmosphere and design of the whole place was just perfect!
The waitresses and waiters were very friendly and one of the girls who worked there was extremely nice to us. She was so cute~~
And even though the food was served in small portions, you can always order more so that wasn't a problem at all.
In total, we paid $480 for 16 people. That was pretty neat.

left - clean table ; right - Me, Vicki & Cici

That basically concluded the day.
We were about to go out to late dessert houses, but we were all so stuffed that it didn't really matter anymore.
And thus, we parted ways and took the late night train home to get some good'ole sleep ~

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