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 sunny day, sick me ~
We had Mufti Day, Crazy Hair Day and sponsoring the World's Greatest Shave today, in order to fund raise for the school and the leukemia foundation. I'm guessing we raised over $1000? Good job guys!
I also had my Ext Maths exam today and it was absolutely, horrible.
This was mainly due to the fact that I was extremely sick with a case of bad cold. I finished half of the paper and just couldn't stand my sneezing and blurry vision anymore.. so I just walked out of the exam room and went sick bay. Now I can't redo the test cause I saw the paper ~~
I even stayed up all night studying for it...  This exam also had a weighing of 20%..


Anyways I'm going to take some medicine and go take a nap since I have literally been awake for the past 48hr+ ~

Oh the weekends...

-- this was meant to be posted up on the 12/03 but my net died while I was typing it up.. so here it is.

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