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One thing that I absolutely adore in this world .. is PERFUME♡\(・∀・*)

So I was on my way to the bank to deposit some money I got for Chinese New Year two days ago. When suddenly the perfume shop in my suburb had a massive sale. It caught my eye (since I'm Asian) and I just had to check it out.
I went in, asked the shop assistant for some samples and splurged on two new 100mL bottles of.. you guessed it! PERFUME!!!
Heh. I know it's bad to spend money like that. But hey! I'm nearly running out of my current bottle of ENVY ME - GUCCI and plus I want something different for winter since summer is coming to an end.

I got one bottle of Tender Touch by BURBERRY.
Out of all the samples the SA gave me, this one stood out the most. It's not a fragrance I would usually buy or matter of fact even like, but the uniqueness of the smell just drew me in.

And another bottle of Chance Eau Fraiche by CHANEL
There was really no particular reason, I just really liked the ad and bottle.

Anyways that's all the update for now ~
I caught a cold again. ε-(´・`)
Presentation Day for mono is also today.. actually in another twelve hours. 
I don't want to go, but too bad it's compulsory.
mm .. I'll go read a little bit more before going to bed. 
NIGHT ~~ オ(・ェ・)ヤ(・ェ-)ス(-ェ・)ミ(-ェ-)。o○Zzz…

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